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I know that its been quite a while since the last update for wwf. i am in the process of working on it, until i lost my job.

I need to focus on getting a new job and one that was less stressful then the last one. I apologize to everyone who was wating for the next chapter.  My hear truely mourns for it.  this is not the end of World without fear. just a breife pause till i find a new job.

Words can not say how sorry i am.  i will hopefully be back in a few weeks.
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Hello everyone.

I know its been quite the long time, and im sorry for how long its been.

first off thanks for all the birthday wishes and all.  hard to belive im 29 years old......1 year shy of 30.

Now on to the next chapter of World Without fear.   The next chapter will debut in November.  From april to October im usually quite busy but now with things dying down i can finally focus on the story properly.

sorry for the long wait and dont forget to comment and like. 
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  • Drinking: Gatorade (Because Water sucks)
“What?! Where is she!?” Ulrich asked in panic.

“About 40 yards to your left.” Jessica said.

No sooner had Jessica finished than Ulrich slammed the throttle of the Nav-Skid as he accelerated in the direction of the beast. His heart raced and his mind flickered with the thought of his girlfriend trapped inside the Hydra's maw. After a few seconds Ulrich spotted the Hydra attempting to sneak away from the area. Ulrich adjusted his flight plan and found himself right next to Hydra's body.

“I’m here, just get this thing off me!” Yumi shouted.

Odd joined up with Ulrich in the Skidbladnir. He watched the whole scene unfold; as the Hydra wrapped and coiled its body in the air, it looked like a snake eating a mouse while taking up a protective stance to prevent anyoneor anything from interrupting its meal. It was when Odd noticed the huge charred section of the Hydra's back where they had been working hard to damage it. This was actually their opportunity to destroy the Hydra while it was busy.

“Look. While it's busy with Yumi, it left its weak spot wide open,” Odd said as he pointed towards the Hydra. “Now is our chance.”

Puck's Nav-Skid flew alongside Ulrich's. Puck realized that they were in a perfect position to attack the Hydra's weak spot. Puck watched as the targeting reticule of his craft finally blinked red and locked onto the Hydra's back.
“I'm locked on...What about you, Ulrich?”

Ulrich didn’t wait for his targeting system to line up.
“Just shut up and shoot!” Ulrich shouted as he firmly placed his index finger on the firing trigger.

Ulrich and Puck's Nav-Skids fired a series of red laser fire at the Hydra's back. The lasers pinged and bounced off the Hydra's scales as the beast grunted in pain. Each shot was getting close to hitting the weak point on the Hydra's body.

“Hit it with everything you got!” Ulrich shouted, his thumb glued to the firing trigger of the Nav-Skid.

Odd hit the firing controls of the Skidbladnir. He felt the craft shake a little as it unloaded its armaments onto the beast. Yellow lasers fired from the mini-guns on the sides of the Skidbladnir.

The Hydra grunted a little as it felt the lasers bounce and ricochet. As more lasers hit its body, the more it tightened its hold on Yumi's Nav-Skid. Yet no matter how hard it tried to sink its teeth into the Nav-Skid's hull, it was still unable to puncture through the armor. The Hydra grunted as it untangled its massive coiled body and fled at high speeds away from the 3 vehicles that were close behind it. The Nav-Skid still was held tightly inside its mouth.

Yumi noticed the hull of the Nav-Skid slowly closing in on her as the Hydra's jaws continued to crush down on the craft. Yumi placed her hands out in an attempt to stop the craft from crushing her. Even though she knew she would live in the event she was devirtualized, it would be a painful one. When Yumi was usually devirtualized by a laser shot from a lucky monster, it would usually leave her exhausted and drained from the event. There have been multiple times that Yumi couldn’t even get out of bed due to her exhaustion. Due to these previous experiences with devirtualization, she was not willing to see what would happen if she was crushed by the Hydra.

Suddenly, Yumi heard a loud cracking noise. Yumi glanced up to see the Nav-Skid's visor cracking under the stress of the Hydra's mouth. Yumi quickly ducked down as the visor finally gave way, exposing her to the savage beast outside.

“We are not doing enough damage!” Odd said as he continued to fire a salvo of lasers. “I thought the Skidbladnir could hurt the Hydra.”

“It must be ignoring it.” Puck said as he zoomed past the Hydra and prepared to make another pass. “Keep trying.”

Ulrich concentrated on the weak spot as he felt his anxiety set in. Odd was right, even with the weak spot exposed right in front of them, they were unable to do any further damage to the Hydra, and now with the Hydra attempting to flee with Yumi in tow, the situation got even worse. A series nightmarish thoughts of Yumi being devirtualized by the Hydra raced through Ulrich's mind. How would she turn out back on Earth? Or would the Hydra let Yumi fall into the digital sea? Yumi was in danger, and Ulrich was in no position to help her. Or was he?

“Jeremy, does the Nav-Skid have an eject button?” Ulrich asked.

“Kinda... It dematerializes you onto the ground... why?”

“Which button is it?”

“It's the silver one next to the radar.” Jeremy said. Suddenly a thought dawned on Jeremy as to why Ulrich was asking these questions.
“Wait, Ulrich, you're not?” Jeremy asked until Ulrich cut him off.

“Sorry, Jeremy.” Ulrich said as he suddenly accelerated the Nav-Skid towards the Hydra. The Nav-Skid continued to fire as it built up speed.


Ulrich paid no attention to Jeremy's pleas as he placed his hand next to the small silver button. Getting closer to the Hydra, he could see the weak spot that they had been firing at. It was just big enough for what he was about to do.

“Ulrich, what are you doing?” Odd asked as he ceased fire.

“Saving Yumi and killing this thing!” Ulrich said as he watched closely at the distance between the Hydra and the Nav-Skid.
He had to time it just right in order to perform this attack. Ulrich watched as the Hydra got closer and closer. He could see the familiar plates moving around as he kept his hand over the silver button.

“Ulrich, hurry up and eject.” Puck said as he watched with anticipation.

Ulrich finally slammed his fist on the silver button. Ulrich vanished in a cluster of blue and white pixels. A few seconds later, Ulrich found himself falling through the air with the Nav-Skid flying overhead. Ulrich quickly tossed out his Grapnel Beam; the white and blue wire snagged onto the back of the Nav-Skid's body as Ulrich was thrust through the air. Ulrich reached around and pulled out one of his katanas as he prepared for what was about to happen.

The Nav-Skid accelerated more as the vehicle closed in on the Hydra's weak spot. Finally, a few seconds after Ulrich ejected, the Nav-Skid hit the weak spot of the Hydra and burst through the beast's body like a rock through glass. The armor plates shattered and chipped away as the vehicle passed through the beast's hide. The Nav-Skid sputtered and twirled inside the Hydra's body till it finally exploded, causing the metal plate like armor to explode as well. Ulrich felt the wire free itself from the now decimated Nav-Skid; the grapnel beam pulled back inside its launcher as he took aim at the Hydra's mouth.

The Hydra screamed loudly like a pair of metal plates scrapping together as it stopped in midair. Its body convulsed and withered in pain. Its massive head rose into the air as it released Yumi's Nav-Skid. The crushed craft tilted out of the large beast's mouth as it screamed in pain.

Ulrich released his Grapnel Beam once more as the small blue and white wire flew through the air and snagged onto Yumi's Nav-Skid. His body was once again tugged through the air as the Nav-Skid rose into the air a little before plummeting towards the ground.

Yumi felt the craft jar loose from its captor as she quickly jumped into the pilot seat of her Nav-Skid. The small craft began to tumble a little as she tried effortlessly to reactivate the engines.

Yumi slammed her feet against the small pedals.
“Come on, come on!” she grunted as she tried everything possible to reactivate the Nav-Skid.

The engines sputtered and choked a little as they failed to come back on. Yumi glanced upwards to see the Nav-Skid on a direct course with the virtual sea. The white, water-like substance got closer and closer as the she bagan to panic. She continued to hit the small button on the front panel that would activate the engines and allow her craft to gain alltitude.
“Come on! Please!” Yumi begged as she continued to try and recover the craft.

Ulrich held on tightly as he felt his body whip and wiggle in the air like a towel. Ulrich watched the virtual sea get closer to Yumi's craft. He could see the girl inside trying frantically to restart the engine in a desperate attempt to save herself. Ulrich grunted in anger as he slowly began to crawl to the front cockpit. He knew he would have to pry the cockpit loose, grab Yumi and pull her to safety... but first he would have to get to her.

“Ulrich, stop... look to your left.” Jeremy said.

Ulrich glanced over and spotted a large hole on the side of the Nav-Skid. It had been created when the Hydra attacked Yumi's Skid, ripping her craft in half.

“Yumi's Nav-Skid won't activate because the command code won't travel back to the engines. According to my scans... Something has disconnected it from the main transfer line.” Jeremy said.

Ulrich took a glance inside the Skid's large hole. “What does it look like?”

“The command prompt signal is red. Follow the red line to see what you can find.”

Ulrich spotted the red line, which looked like it was made of light. It arched, twisted, and rotated around the inside of the hole. Ulrich followed the red line till he came to what appeared to be a small piece of the Skid's hull, jutting outward and blocking the red line from reaching the back.

“I found it.” Ulrich said as he pulled his katana out. “This won't shock me if I pry it out, will it?” Ulrich asked as the wind whipped his hair.

“No. Use your Grapnel Beam.” Jeremy said.

Ulrich placed his katana back and pulled his right arm up. The ninja teen fired his Grapnel Beam at the small jagged piece of the damaged craft. The line latched onto the metal shard. Ulrich then proceeded to pull with all of his might, all the while keeping his hold and balance on the falling Skid. Ulrich grunted loudly as he felt the small shard wiggle and finally give way, allowing the connection to reestablish. After a few seconds the engines roared back to life as the Nav-Skid finally rose back into the air triumphantly with Ulrich in tow.
Ulrich pulled his body towards the cockpit of the Nav-Skid as he landed on the side of the craft, his feet planted firmly on the vehicle. He peeked inside and spotted Yumi, a little shaken but from what he could tell okay.

Yumi heard Ulrich's feat thump onto the Nav-Skid, causing her to shriek a little. She looked to her left to see a his head peeking in at her.
“Ulrich? What are you...” Yumi said before Ulrich interrupted her.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m fine, but what did you do?” She asked, concerned. “Did you save me from the Hydra and the fall?”

“It doesn’t matter... the important thing is you are safe.” Ulrich said as he pulled his head up and glanced back at the falling Hydra.

The Hydra began to lose altitude as its body fell out of the sky, lifeless and still. The Hydra's massive body crashed into the ground with a loud and tremendous thud. The body slowly fell to the ground in a chain like pattern as the beast finally came to a crashing halt. Its body laid there for a few seconds. Suddenly it began to shake and rattle; convulsions built up into massive tremors as the Hydra exploded. The red explosion shot out like a shockwave and finally closed in on itself, leaving nothing left of the serpent beast.

“YOU DID IT!!!” Jessica shouted as she jumped into the air like a cheerleader.

Odd let out a loud sigh of relief as he sat back in the main seat of the Skidbladnir. His body slowly relaxed as he let the glorious words Jessica had just shouted ring in his ears.
“Thank God.” Odd said as he brought the Skidbladnir down towards the main platform near a neutral tower. “I think that was by far the worst thing we have ever fought.”

Yumi flew down towards the edge of the sector. She descended slowly so that Ulrich wouldn’t fall off or her Nav-Skid fall apart. Yumi heard the body of her Nav-Skid rattle and shake as if several sections of it were about to fall apart; the hard grasp of the Hydra was enough to destroy the craft's outer hull. Yumi could also feel the propulsion of the Nav-Skid barely putting along as she heard the engines' roar die down just a little and then fire back up. Yumi winced in tension as she prayed that the Nav-Skid could hold out just long enough to drop Ulrich off and return to the Skidbladnir.

Ulrich glanced down as he saw the surface of the Sky Sector come closer to him. It was  like a deja-vu to him. He finally hopped off the Nav-Skid after it descended low enough so that he could land on the ground safely. Ulrich felt his feet slam into the hard surface of the Sky Sector as he looked up in time to see Yumi's Nav-Skid accelerate a little, gaining altitude as it slowly departed from him.
“Thanks for the lift.” Ulrich said as he saluted Yumi.

Yumi nodded back as she flew the Nav-Skid up towards the Skidbladnir. She was thankful that Ulrich managed to save her from the Hydra's wrath. At the same time she was angry that Ulrich once again threw himself in harm's way, with no regard to his safety. Yumi was concerned. Something was wrong with Ulrich, he was more of a daredevil than Aelita usually was. What's more, Ulrich couldn’t hide it. Yumi heard it in Ulrich's voice, she saw it in his eyes. There was something off about her boyfriend. “Maybe it's just the moment?” Yumi thought as she approached the Skidbladnir. “Maybe he just wanted all of us to come home safely.”
Yet in the back of Yumi's mind, there was something more that nagged at her. Something that made her mind a bit uneasy.

Ulrich stepped off of Yumi's Nav-Skid as he walked away from the small craft.
“Jeremy... sorry about the Nav-Skid.”

“I don't care about the Nav-Skid, that can be replaced. But you guys can't.” Jeremy said with a stern voice.

“I know, but it was Yumi... she was in trouble.”

“I know Ulrich, and that’s why I'm not angry about it. You did after all save Yumi from the Hydra and falling into the digital sea. But it's how you handled it. You guys need to realize that you can't always be daredevils. You must be more careful.” Jeremy said, calming himself down a little.

Ulrich sighed as he looked down at his feet. He knew Jeremy was upset but he had to understand. Yumi was in danger and when on Lyoko, sometimes they would have to act a little reckless if it meant saving the others' lives.
“If only it was that easy.” Ulrich murmured.

“Hey Jeremy? How's the storm going?” Yumi asked as she tried to keep her mind focused on the situation on Lyoko, and not her concerned with Ulrich.

The storm bellowed loudly as the wind violently whipped through the streets of the city. Power lines swayed violently and ferociously on the wind. Some of the power lines ripped and tore from the transformers they were connected to; sparks leapt savagely from torn wires, the last stands of electricity sparked and snapped between the wires as the cables fell to the ground and impacted onto the pavement below. The entire city was completely dark with the exception of the large flashes of lightning in the air.

Aelita sat in the back seat of the black Mustang. She gripped the seat belt tightly as she felt the car sway left and right while George battled to keep the American muscle car from the wind's control. Aelita glanced outside every once in a while as she saw nothing but a black, intimidating world outside. Flashes of lightning blinked periodically, revealing the different buildings and objects outside, giving the eerie feel of a ghost town.

“You OK back there, Aelita?” Travis asked as he held onto the passenger safety handle.

Aelita nodded and grunted a little as the Mustang suddenly swayed to the left with power.
“I’m OK, but I feel like I am getting motion sickness,” Aelita said as she placed her hand on her stomach.

“We're there,” George said as he pointed towards the eye of the storm.

Aelita glanced up to see a massive, rotating cyclone like cloud floating just a ways away from them. The clouds sparkled and flashed with violent outbursts of lightning, dancing through the sky. A large cloud rotated in the center of the eye, pulling lightning and electricity from all over the storm into its center, as if it was building up the energy in preparation to unleash its power.

“Where should we get out at?” George asked, glancing over at Travis.

“We may have to get out right under the eye. Once we do, Aelita,” Travis cut himself off as he turned to look at the girl in the back, “You will have to activate your Savior powers, and unleash one of those laser blasts into the storm.”

“What happens if this doesn’t work?” George asked in concern. “I don’t remember anyone ever doing something like this before.”

“It should. The storm's negatively charged, and if we add positive charged energy to the storm, it will become unstable and collapse on itself, eventually turning the storm attack into nothing more but a late spring storm,” Travis said as the Mustang flew through a stop light.

Finally, the Mustang pulled into the large downtown square which was the center of the business district. Tall skyscrapers stood hauntingly in the night sky like silent tombstones, adding to the creepy atmosphere. Symbols of architectural power and intellect seemed lifeless in the vacant dark. Only a glimmer of the buildings stood out in the night sky, illuminated by the lightning. The entire down town area was silent and calm, as it awaited the arrival of the oncoming storm.

The Mustang came to a halt as it stopped dead in front of a police barricade. A pair of squad cars and a fire and rescue team sat on the side of the road, blocking off the entrance to the business district's square. A pair of police officers walked up to the black mustang. The one closest to the driver's seat of the mustang bent down towards the driver's window and looked inside the car.

“Do you speak English?” George asked the young officer.

“Yes, we do,” the officer said, smiling. “I am sorry, folks. This area's closed due to the storm.”

George pulled out his badge and held it up towards the officer.
“My name is Special Agent George Knight.” George said as he pointed over towards Travis. “This is Special Agent Travis Dalesman. We're with the FBI and we're here on official business.”

“And what business is that, sir?” The young officer asked.

“Uh... it's classified.” George said.

“I hate to tell you this but I have been given permission to turn away anyone who tries to enter the financial district if I need to. So I am afraid you will have to explain your purpose for being here.”

“Well... if you must know, we are going to try and stop this storm.” George said with a smile on his face.

“Smooth, George” Aelita said.

The police officer looked at George in confusion. The tall officer pulled out his flashlight and flashed it into the car.

It was then that the officer noticed Aelita sitting in the back seat of the car. The officer glanced down to get a better look at her.
Travis watched as the officer got closer to the car, leaning in even closer towards the car window. Travis tensed up as he prepared for what ever this officer may be up to.

“Are you Aelita Schaffer?” the officer asked.

Aelita nodded a little hesitantly and reserved. A flash of lightning echoed through the air.

The officer glanced at the two American agents in the front and glanced back towards the young teen in the back seat. He cleared his throat as he squatted down more so that Aelita could get a better look at him.
“Um... this may be weird and all but, um... My 5 year old daughter is a big fan of yours and I was wondering if I could get your autograph for her?” the young officer said with a hint of embarrassment and uncertainty.

“An... Autograph?” Aelita asked in confusion.

“Yeah... She's big into superheroes and what not and seeing as how you're a real super hero, she has always wanted to meet you.”

“Oh, is that all?” Aelita asked with a sigh of relief.

Travis cocked his head to the left as he sighed. Relief filled his body as he realized that the young officer was just a fan of Aelita and the others and not a threat.
“Oh man, is that all? You had me worried for a second.” Travis grunted while George chuckled in the driver's seat.

“Tell you what. Let us through and I will get you a autograph.” Aelita smiled as she placed her hands on her knees.

“Great! Great, I mean, you have no idea what it means to her and all... But I am not sure if I can let you get through the barricade that easily.” the young officer said as he pointed over his shoulder.

“Why not?” George asked.

“All joking aside... we have a pretty bad situation here. If you pull up, maybe I can explain better.” the policeman said as he stepped back from the Mustang.

The black sports car shifted into drive as it slowly inched its way up towards the curb, clearing itself out of the way for any other vehicle that might come down the road and to avoid being hit by said vehicle. As the Mustang slowly came to a stop, Aelita reached for her seat belt, her thin hand embraced the latching device on the safety apparatus until she felt a larger, firmer hand touch hers, preventing her from unbuckling her seat belt any more. Aelita glanced up to see Special Agent Dalesman.

“You two stay in the car,” Travis said as he turned around to face Aelita. He then turned to face George. “Keep the car running in case something happens.”

“Got it.” George said as he placed the vehicle in park and reached into his holster, taking the safety off his weapon, clearly remembering what had happened to them earlier in the city.

“Why? We're running out of time and I can take care of myself.” Aelita said in defiance.

“Just... please, Aelita. “ Travis said in a more commanding tone.
Travis opened the door the the black Mustang and stepped out. The headlights shined brightly out onto the dark and morbid world while the body of the car vanished into the night.

Travis pulled a flash light from his pocket while keeping his hand firmly on the handle of his pistol hidden under his dress suit. The strange figure that he and George ran into earlier definitely put him on the edge. And now with Aelita amongst them, it would be a perfect opportunity for someone to grab their precious passenger and make off with her.

Travis approached the young officer, who greeted him. The man was shorter than Travis and wore a large police rain coat over his uniform. On his head was a police officer's patrol cap which was covered up with a thin blue bag like poncho, obviously meant to keep his head gear dry from the potential downpour.

“So, what's up?” Travis asked.

The police officer pointed his flashlight at the very far high rise to the left. Outside of the high rise, just out front of the building sat several squad cars, a fire and rescue, and an ambulance.
“Some office workers are stuck inside the building's elevator. They can't get them out and at the rate the storm's gaining strength, some of the meteorologists are talking about the possibility of multiple tornadoes.”

“Doubt that is the plan,” Travis thought to himself. “Why weren’t these buildings evacuated before the storm hit?”

“Because Commissioner Wentz didn’t authorize an evacuation of the business district.” the young officer said.

“That idiot.” Travis muttered as he glanced around the area.
Travis took a few steps around as he surveyed the area. He directed his flashlight down some of side streets and around the car itself in order to make sure that the area was indeed secure. The light from Travis's LED powered light revealed nothing but dark, empty areas devoid of all life. Yet still the young agent wanted to be especially careful in case someone was secretly planning to ambush them.

“Can that girl actually stop the storm?” the young officer asked.

Travis turned to the policeman and glanced him over a few times. “What's your name, kid?”

“Um... my name is Bobseth.” the policeman said. “Officer Derek Bobseth.”

“That’s not a French name, is it?” Travis remarked.

“My family moved here from Ireland.”

“OK. Bob... I am gonna call you Bob... Let's just say that I am sure she could. You just need to focus on securing the area.” Travis said as he put a hand on the young, excited man's shoulder. “Her safety... and the safety of the city depend on you. And I am pretty sure your daughter would be proud of her father if she found out you were a super hero.”

Officer Bobseth breathed heavily with excitement. He quickly snapped to a crisp salute as he smiled.
“Sir, yes sir.”
He turned to his colleagues and waved, giving a sign that the car was cleared to pull through the barricade.

The other officers waved back and slowly lifted up the wooden blockade so that the Mustang could pull through.

“Nice to see not everyone is against us,” Travis remarked as he watched the black muscle car pull up next to him. Its engine revved a couple of times as it came to a halt.
Eventually, Travis turned back to the car and waved the flashlight at George. Within a second, the driver's door and passenger door opened as George and Aelita stepped out of the Mustang. Travis hit the small button on his key chain, causing the Mustang to honk and to doors to lock.

Aelita followed behind George as they approached Travis. The wind howled fiercely as Aelita's hair whipped and twisted.

“Where would be the best place to do this?” George shouted over the loud roar of the storm.

Travis glanced around the area as his flashlight cut through the darkness of the night sky. The flashlight caught a glimpse of a tree branch bowing under the power of the storm. The large limb cracked and drooped as the old, heavy branch finally gave way and snapped. The large branch dropped off the tree with great force, slamming onto the roof of a small silver car, flattening the vehicle as if it was nothing under the weight of the great limb.

“What about next to the statue in the middle of the square?” Aelita asked pointing towards the large metal horse that sat in the middle of the business district's small park. “It's clear enough, I shouldn’t hit anything if I need to.”

The square of the business district was large; 3 lane roads ran around the square in a circle. Several parking spots sat adjacent to the road so that workers could get inside the various businesses and buildings. In the center of the square sat a large statue of a man sitting on-top of a horse. On the bottom of the statue read, “To those who have sacrificed so much. And to those who will sacrifice.” The statue sat in a fountain which would occasionally have streams of water flow out of the statues bottom and fill the fountain. An assortment of decorative plants sat along side the fountain, creating a very charming place, which unfortunately sat in the middle of a bustling area that paid little to no attention to the center.

Travis glanced over at George and nodded in unison. They both took the lead as they made their way towards the center of the square.
As Aelita followed suit, she heard a light ringing noise that was just barely audible over the wind. It sounded very low and very hard to make out... but Aelita could definitely hear a noise.
“Wait!” Aelita stopped, drawing attention to herself. “Do you guys hear something?”

George paused as he listened carefully over the wind, attempting to see if he could hear any noise Aelita claimed to hear. The distinct noise Aelita was pointing out sounded close, but at the same time it sounded as if it came from a small source.

“Is that a... cell phone?” George asked.

Travis reached for his cellphone, believing the ringing was coming from it.
“It's not mine.” Travis said.

“Mine neither,” Aelita said, placing hers back in her pocket.

“And mine's in the car.” George said as he glanced back and forth at Aelita and Travis.

Aelita glanced around the area to see if someone else was there... maybe someone who was hidden. Aelita suddenly caught a glimpse of a small square light coming from a park bench. It looked at first as if it was a reflection off of a name plate or so. Yet the closer she looked, the more she realized that it was actually the screen of a cell phone.
Aelita slowly walked over towards the bench. She grabbed the cell phone, hanging on to the side of the bench via tape. She pulled the phone away as the tape snapped and cracked, releasing its hold on the bench. Aelita held the phone up to her face so that she could get a better look at it. She turned around and showed the phone to Travis and George.

“It's a... cell phone?” Travis asked as he reached for it, his hands extended out towards the small device. As soon as Travis's fingers touched the phone, the phone shut off.
Travis took the phone out of Aelita's hands and glanced at it. It was a small silver blue and gray phone with a few small scratches and scuffs on it. A large black Motorola emblem raced down the side of it. It was a very old phone, damaged and scuffed, yet it still worked.

“Someone must have forgotten it.” Travis said as he handed the phone back to Aelita.

“Then why was it...” Aelita tried to ask until the phone went off again in Aelita's hands. Aelita glanced at the phone for a few seconds. It stopped ringing when Aelita handed the phone to Travis, yet now that the phone was back in her hands, it was ringing again. It was as if the phone only activated when it was in her hands.
Aelita pressed the answer button on the phone. The caller I.D. said Unknown number as the call connected.

Aelita slowly held the phone up to her ear as she listened to a noise coming from the other line. All she heard was silence.
“Uh... Hello?”

“What are you doing?” a voice said calmly on the other line.

Aelita paused as she glanced up at Travis and George.

“Give the phone to either Special Agent Dalesman or Special Agent Knight, I will disconnect the phone call.” the voice said.

“Who is this?” Aelita asked as her heart began to race.

“What are... you... doing?” the voice said once more. “You know dam well what you need to do, but yet you're not doing it, why?”

Aelita paused as she glanced towards Travis and George.
“I don’t understand.” Aelita said as she motioned to Travis and George that some one was talking to her on the other line.

“Make one more motion like that and I will terminate this call!” the voice said.

Aelita's eyes widened as she slowly looked around the area around her. She was positive that the person on the other end of the call was watching her.
“Who are you?!” she demanded nervously.

“I am a Nobody. Aren’t you a Nobody as well?”

“What do you want from me?! I have to stop this storm, now!”

“Just... wanna warn you that this storm is only the beginning. Xervix and Mal-Tech won't rest to get what they want. You gotta act quick.”

Aelita's heart skipped as she listened. Whoever this person was, it was obvious they knew everything about Lyoko, Xervix, Mal-Tech, and even what was going on now.
Aelita heard Travis trying to get the young girl's attention. She knew she couldn’t say anything to him or the voice might hang up and she might lose the only lead she had. Aelita slowly lifted her hand up a little so that Travis could see it out of peripheral vision and shook her index finger a little.
“Act how?”

“You know what you got to do, deep down, you know it. And you have to do it soon, or else Jeremy and your mother will have a problem.” the voice said.

Aelita's eyes widened as her breathing stopped. Did this man know about Jeremy and her mother? Aelita grasped the phone tightly as she felt anger swell into her mind. She had to know what was going on, she had to know who this man was.
“How do you know about Jeremy and my mother?”

“We will be in touch.”

“How do you know Jeremy and my mother!?” Aelita demanded on the verge of screaming. “Answer me! How do you know them!?” she repeated, but the voice fell silent and disconnected.
She pulled the cellphone away from her ear as she looked at it. Frustrated and confused, she turned to Travis and George who both looked at Aelita in confusion.

“Who was it?” Travis asked.

“Someone who was watching us... and knows about us.” Aelita said as she handed the phone over to George. “And me.”

George took a look at the phone. The device was in horrible shape and looked as if it had been set on fire recently. The plastic casing was warped, bubbled and burnt with small sections of the plastic chipped or cracked, revealing the insides of the phone. The screen was cracked and chipped, the only thing that worked on the small phone was the light up display. Not even the keypad worked.
“I haven’t seen phones like this since about 2003,” George noted as he wrapped a white handkerchief over it.

“What did they say?” Travis asked, glancing around with his hand on his holster.

“They said that I know what to do and I need to do it or Jeremy and my mother will have problems.” Aelita said, also glancing around nervously.

George pocketed the damaged cell phone and pulled out his phone. He quickly dialed Jessica’s number as he stepped away from the others to check and see if everything was OK back at the factory.

Travis walked over to a very nervous Aelita. The young girl showed no signs of fear or distress. Instead she focused on looking for some trace of life in the darkness, the presence of someone who might have been spying on them. In most situations, Aelita was scared and timid, but whenever Jeremy or someone she considered her family was threatened, she was a whole different person. She turned from a innocent woman into a Valkyrie warrior.

“You OK to do this?” Travis asked.

“Yes... I’m just... tired and worn out.” Aelita said as she glanced up at the agent. “I’m tired of being on the run, tired of hiding constantly, tired of everyone fighting for me. I I got the greatest gift of all, my identity, proof that I exist, and people still act like I am just a puppet, as if I have no soul, and I am tired of it! I’ve already lost my past... and my father.” Aelita said as her facial expression went from helplessness to anger. “And I will be damned to hell if I lose anyone else in my life!”

Travis walked over and placed a hand on Aelita's shoulder. It was one of the first times Travis actually stepped out of his shell all day.

Aelita looked up at Travis in wonder.

“And you will get everything back.” Travis said in a reassuring tone.

George placed his phone down and stepped back over to Travis and Aelita as a strong gust of wind whipped his dark brown hair. “Jessica says they just destroyed the Hydra back on Lyoko. No sign of any problems back there.”

Travis leaned forward and whispered into George's ear while keeping a eye on Aelita. “You don’t think it was that individual in the cloak who called, do you?”

“It might have been... but I am not sure.” George said as he looked back towards Aelita. “We better deal with this storm and head back as quickly as possible.”

Aelita peered through the darkness of the square. Perhaps it was Xervix or Mal-Tech playing a game with her? Or maybe someone else had just made their move?
Aelita suddenly saw a bright flash of dark orange lightning erupt in the night sky. The young girl turned around and glanced upwards at the source of the light. It started as a low light, barely visible. But then it started to grow brighter and brighter till it looked like the light from a street light.
The storm clouds parted ways as the storm finally revealed its center. There, in the eye of the storm, hovered a large white ball of electricity. Random bolts of lightning struck the large ball of energy, causing it to spike and flicker. A loud crackling sound came from the ball as the large lightning ball hung over the business district.

“I’ve gotta stop this storm!” Aelita said as she clenched her fists.

“But what about that phone call?” George asked, looking towards Aelita.

“Screw who ever that was. I’ve got to stop this before innocent people get hurt!!!” Aelita shouted as she stepped away from the two agents.

Aelita stopped a couple inches away from her friends. She reached under her shirt and held out the small multi-colored crystal shard. The shard began to glow faster as Aelita watched it float out of her hands and dangle in midair in front of her. Aelita held her arms straight out to her side as she closed her eyes and focused.

A few days after the events of Las Vegas were a bit hectic for Aelita. She had trouble controlling her Savior powers. Every once in a while she would wake up with her powers activated, the crystal like armor plating covering her body. Other times she couldn’t activate it if she wanted to. After a few days Jeremy eventually helped her discover how to activate her powers. Aelita merely had to focus on something important, something she cared for and loved, which most of the time was Jeremy. After she focused on it, she would feel the sudden urge to protect it no matter what and her Savior Powers would activate.
Aelita thought about the people trapped in the office building, Travis and George off to her left, her friends fighting back on Lyoko and Jeremy. She felt concern and compassion for them all and realized that she was the only one who could protect them, and she had to protect them because without them she would vanish into the night as easily as her mother did.
Aelita's feet left the ground as she felt the hair on her body stand on end. Energy flowed through her body as she felt her mind and body fall to peace and harmony.
She was ready.

“I am Aelita Schaffer... And I am the Savior!” Aelita said as the crystal glowed brightly and shone through the darkness, light piercing every corner of the plaza.

Some of the police officers and rescue workers stopped as the light shined through. It was  as if light from heaven just rained down brilliantly on the Earth.

Aelita felt a jolt of electricity hit her body as the shard entered her chest. Aelita's body arched, pulling her into a fetal position before forcing her into a full outstretched motion. As Aelita closed her eyes and let the warmth and power of the system transform her, a pair of clear and majestic sheets of crystal poured over her legs, forming a clear suit of armor on her legs and torso. The crystals spiked up a little on her knees, similar to a knight's armor plated leggings. A small piece of crystal appeared on her chest and flowed outwards like water, covering her chest, arms and belly. The chest piece rippled downwards, creating a type of ripple design on the front of the chest, while a pair of small pads formed on Aelita's shoulders. A pair of crystal wings began to protrude from her back like a pair of icicles.
Small sharp crystal rods began to open upwards and reveal a magnificent pair of wings, which flapped in the air, light like a bird's feathers.

Aelita slowly felt her feet touch the ground as she opened her eyes. She gave her body a once over as she realized she had transformed into the Savior.
“I love it when I can use this power. Its like relaxing in a warm bath.” Aelita said as she rotated around to look at Travis and George. “I will deal with the storm, can you two try to help with the evacuation in case I fail?”

“You got it, Princess.” George said, giving a thumbs up. “Now give them hell, Angel!”

Aelita kneeled down towards the ground as her wings opened up. The wings folded around her. Aelita suddenly leapt into the air with a massive jump as her wings opened up and took hold of the night sky.

The Earth Angel flew at high speeds towards the large ball of lightning that floated in the night sky.
She prepared to protect Earth from the monsters of hell. Divine grace and hope was her weapon, and love and prosperity was her reward, as she flew towards the large instrument of destruction which would bring Armageddon to the Earth. For on her shoulders, she would protect the people below with all her might.

Yet little known to Aelita or the feds, a small security camera sitting on the corner of one of the buildings watched her. The feed traveled from the camera onto the internet as the being observing the storm and Aelita prepared to make its move.
Chapter 8 part 3 Stay with me
Here is the third and final part of the chapter.  Im sorry it took so long to update. lifes been hectic and with my lap top down its gonna be difficult but i plan on speeding up this process.

First off. Asagami's issue with trying to let Tasha kill her is kinda out of both guilt and a possible escape for her.  that reason will be explained in a future chapter.
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4th. a new party has entered the story. whats his gain and goal? you'll just have to find out soon.
and 5th, prepare for a huge aerial battle with Aelita and the storm....wait....aerial combat?? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

part 1…
part 2…
Lyoko, Sky Sector

Aelita piloted the Skidbladnir towards the battle with the Hydra as she listened carefully to the newly devised plan. She looked to her left and right and spotted Ulrich and Yumi pulling up alongside of her as she looked out towards them.
“Sounds like a fool proof plan. We deal with the Hydra while Aelita goes to Earth and cuts out the power on the storm.” Ulrich said as the two Nav-Skids left the large storm cloud.

“I think that it's doable. It's a good idea, Jeremy.” Aelita said.

“Actually, it was Sissi's.” Jeremy said.

“Sissi thought of it?” Yumi said, surprised. “I think she's giving you a run for your money in terms of brilliant ideas.”

The three kids smiled as they heard Jeremy breath heavy from the joke.

“By the way, who will pilot the Skidbladnir when Aelita's back on Earth?” Yumi asked.

“Odd has piloted it before, so I'm pretty sure he would have no problem.” Jeremy said.

Aelita looked at her radar as she spotted the Hydra's signature. The long line of red was dog fighting with two small green signatures, which were Puck and Odd. The dots raced back and forth in a circular, eight-like fashion as the beast traced and followed them with impeccable speed. Aelita watched as the Hydra closed in on one of the signatures and came extremely close to striking; at the last moment, the small green dot would tilt to the left or right and duck out of the Hydra's way, sparing it another few moments.

“OK, we need to get Odd here so that I can swap out, then.” Aelita said as she thought about how much time Odd and Puck had left before they got lucky.
Aelita looked up from her radar in time to see the large silhouette of the Hydra ripping through the air. Its large body was twisting and twirling through the air as it chased after Odd and Puck's Nav-Skids. It moved spastically, like a large predator chasing after much faster and agile prey.

“Odd! We need you to come to the Skidbladnir so that we can swap out.” Aelita said over her radio.

“Yeah, Jeremy's already told me about the plan. Only problem is the huge mouth of death right behind me!” Odd said as he rotated his flight stick to the left.
Odd's Nav-skid tilted left and rolled out of the way as the Hydra came close to snagging his prey.

“We'll have to keep the Hydra occupied to get him out of there, then.” Aelita suggested as she reached for the controls to the Skidbladnir's weapons.

“Leave that to us, birthday girl,” Yumi said with a smile as she hit the accelerator on her Nav-Skid. Yumi whizzed off towards the air battle. Her craft vibrated as she reached for the trigger on her flight stick. As Yumi got into range of the Hydra's massive body, she quickly tapped the trigger on her flight stick as the cannons of her Nav-Skid fired blue bolts of laser fire towards the Hydra's body.

As the Hydra chased Puck, it suddenly felt Yumi's laser fire strike its body; it grunted loudly in disapproval. The Hydra turned in time to see Yumi zoom past its face. The Hydra bellowed as it gave chase to its newest pest. No sooner had the Hydra embarked on attacking its newest prey than it felt
a sudden blast to its face as Ulrich zoomed off in the opposite direction. Its large eye tracked Ulrich.

“Remember me?” Ulrich asked as he attempted to gather the Hydra's attention.

The Hydra roared as it chased after Ulrich in vain; it remembered that Ulrich was the warrior who attempted to lasso itself a while back.

“OK Odd, we got the Hydra's attention... go swap out with Aelita.” Ulrich said as he rocked the cockpit of the craft back and forth, the Nav-Skid zooming through the air as the Hydra continued its deadly pursuit.

Odd quickly piloted the Nav-Skid back to the awaiting Skidbladnir. Its docking arm opened up, revealing a position for Odd to land at. Odd flew past the Skidbladnir as he prepared to make his landing.
“OK I'm switching the Nav-Skid to Manual,” Odd said as he placed his claw like finger on a blue crystal like button.
The Nav-Skid rotated through the air quickly, performing an aerion roll as it came to a stop over the Skidbladnir's docking arm. The Nav-Skid lowered as a bolt of blue electricity arched from the Skidbladnir's arm and latched onto it. A small metal plate rose up and snapped into the bottom of the Nav-Skid as it locked the craft into place, thus completing the docking procedure.

“Do you always have to perform some kind of trick when you're coming in for a landing?” Aelita asked as she lowered the docking arm into the vertical position.

“Hey, most of the time it's Yumi who does it.” Odd barked in response.

“OK, guys. I’m gonna transport Aelita to Earth and teleport Odd into the cockpit of the Skidbladnir... you remember how to pilot it, right, Odd?” Jeremy asked.

“Of course I do, Einstein... it's just like playing Starfox or Afterburner.” Odd said.

“Now, Odd... don’t tear up the Skid while I am gone.” Aelita said in a serious tone.

“Don't worry, I've been going to driver's ed.”

“Aelita, I’m bringing you back now.” Jeremy said.

Before Aelita could respond, she felt the world around her glow bright and fuzzy as her virtual form faded into pixels. Aelita could feel her body being whisked through the various tubes and wires of the Supercomputer as she watched bright blue and white lines pass by her, as if she was on a roller coaster ride.
Suddenly, the bright and shiny lights faded as she found herself in complete darkness. Aelita took a short breath as she felt her body move a little. She was now back in her own flesh and blood body. She could feel the sweat on her arms from the transfer back, which was common for them when they would virtualize onto Lyoko. Her whole body felt a tad bit weak and sore from the return trip and her right arm which she used to overpower her Energy Field hurt like never before. She remembered that Jeremy had warned her that she was hurting her real body by over charging her energy beam. The pain was  enough to bring Aelita to tears. She grabbed her arm with her left hand as she gasped at the new found pain. Her face winced in pain as she tried to fight the urge to fall to her feet.
“OK. Never gonna do that again,” she muttered.

The door to the scanner opened up, revealing the scanner room. The bright lights blinded Aelita a little as her eyes attempted to focus. As her vision came to, she spotted a single arm stretched outwards towards her. Her vision soon improved as she discovered the arm belonged to Jeremy, who stood outside the scanner next to George with a warm smile on his face as he greeted her. Aelita placed her hand in Jeremy's as she slowly stepped out of the scanner and back into the real world. The palms of her loving boyfriend were sweaty from the constant typing and the heat from the lab, but were still soft and warm as she remembered.

“Welcome back.” Jeremy said as he placed a hand on her shoulder and helped Aelita step out of the scanner. Jeremy noticed Aelita was holding her arm and hunched over in pain. Jeremy quickly wrapped his arm around Aelita's waist as she stepped out of the scanner. “Are you OK?”

“Y-Yeah, it's just... my arm hurts.” Aelita said as she rubbed her arm. Her breathing was heavy and spastic. “ I think it is from when I destroyed that platform.”

“Does it hurt at the shoulder or is it the whole arm?” George asked as he placed his hand on Aelita's shoulder blade and kept a close eye on her.

“It's the whole arm....” Aelita said as leaned against Jeremy, trying to catch her bearings. She closed her eyes as she tried not to focus on the pain and instead on the task at hand.

“I tried to warn you about that.” Jeremy said with concern.

“I know but... I am sorry.” Aelita said as she slowly looked up at Jeremy's face. “I just need a hot shower, and a warm bed, and maybe some aspirin.”

“Are you sure you're up for this, then?” George asked.

“Yeah. The arm's feeling a little better. It feels like I slept on it wrong and someone punched me in it.”

“Let's get you to the storm then.” George said as Jeremy led Aelita to the elevator.

Aelita wiggled her right arm as she felt a little bit of relief flow into it. For some reason when she leaned up next to Jeremy, the pain in her arm stopped; she no longer felt sore or tired but calm and relaxed instead. Jeremy had always had this type of aura around him that always made Aelita feel safe, but she had never experienced it like this before.

George stepped into the elevator first. Jeremy and Aelita followed close behind. The elevator door shut; the small both rose up the shaft and opened up to reveal the lab before them. George watched as Aelita slowly stepped out of the elevator with Jeremy close behind. Something was different, though. A minute ago Aelita could barely walk and was in pain. Now it appeared she was just fine. What caused such a fast recovery was beyond him.

Aelita walked into the lab and spotted William and the others, who stood in front of the radar monitor as they watched the battle unfold on Lyoko. Their faces all mimicked the other, a sense of hope that the others could destroy the tower without Aelita circled around them as they watched the Skidbladnir enter the battle.

“Hey kiddo.” William said, waving at Aelita.

“How are they doing?” Jeremy asked as he walked past Aelita and gathered around the monitor.

“Odd just arrived. So far they're definitely keeping the Hydra busy.” Jessica said.

“Now that Aelita's here, we can deal with the storm.” Travis said as he stepped away from the terminal and walked towards Aelita. “You ready?”

Aelita nodded as she looked towards Jeremy. “ Are you staying here?”

“As much as I would like to go with you and support you, I gotta stay here and watch the others to make sure we destroy the Hydra.” Jeremy said.

“Why not just pull everyone out?” Sissi asked. “If Aelita can stop the storm from being as devastating, why does Odd and the others need to remain on Lyoko to destroy the Hydra?”

“One, so we don’t deal with it again and two, Puck. If we left Puck on Lyoko, he would be at the mercy of the Hydra and wouldn’t stand a chance.” Jeremy said as he plopped back into the computer chair.

“OK. We'll go take care of the storm. You just kill that flying snake.” George said.

“Where should we take her to? The eye of the storm?” Travis asked.

“I would say that’s your best bet.” Jeremy said as he pulled up the local weather map for the city.
He observed that the storm was only a few minutes away from the business district. It was still growing in intensity and looking more and more powerful.
“If you hit the center of the storm it should lose its power and turn it into a regular thunderstorm.”

“We can take 5th street from here, right?” George asked.

“Take 5th and turn on veteran's parkway.” William said. “Maybe I better come with you... in case something happens.”

“No, you need to stay here, William.” George responded. “If something was to happen, say someone get hurt, you need to be here to look after them.”

Aelita noticed that Travis was saying very little in this situation and also seemed a bit distracted. The agent looked down at Aelita as he walked past her. Aelita could tell that whatever was bothering Travis earlier that day was still bothering him now. He was cold, distant. Travis seemed as if his mind was at a different place. It was unusual for Aelita to see Travis in such a mood. Usually Travis was calm and collected. But now it seemed as if he was hurt and depressed. This wasn’t the Travis that Aelita knew.

“Take good care of Aelita, OK?” Jeremy said as he turned to face the trio walking towards the elevator doors.

“Don’t worry, Romeo... we will.” George said as Aelita walked inside the elevator door.
George pressed the button on the elevator as the door shut.

Before it did, Aelita glanced towards Jeremy. She smiled and gave a quick wave towards him. Before the door shut entirely, she caught of glimpse of Jeremy waving back. The gesture made Aelita smile a as the elevator rose to the factory level.

“How bad is it out there?” Aelita asked as the elevator came to a halt.

The door hissed and snapped as the small metal shutter opened up to reveal a dark and foreboding weather.

“You tell us.” George remarked as orange lightning crackled in the sky.

The storm was now one solid mass of dark and powerful clouds. There seemed to be no end to the size of the storm. It was as if someone placed a blanket over the world. The wind rose quickly as it whipped and tore at the clothing of Aelita, Travis and George. Large arches of lightning raced through the sky towards what appeared to be the center. It was as if the storm was actually a living creature, with the lightning serving as its veins.

Aelita heard the sound of a car door opening. She glanced down to see that Travis was opening the passenger side door and was about to step inside of it.

“Is Travis OK?” Aelita asked as she glanced towards George.

“He's having one of those moments, you know. It's nothing personal.” George said.

“A moment?” Aelita asked. “He seemed fine earlier.”

“Well, I think he's mostly mad at the fact this happened on your birthday.” George said, trying to cover up the truth. He had already made the mistake of telling Ulrich the truth about Travis's past and would rather not bother anyone else with it out of respect for Travis.
George watched as Aelita ran to the car and hopped in the back seat of the Mustang. This was no time for him to lose his focus. He had work to do.

Lyoko, Sky Sector

Odd slowly rematerialized inside the cockpit of the Skidbladnir. It had been quite a while since the last time he piloted the vehicle. The controls were much more sophisticated than he remembered and had also been upgraded. Many buttons and levers were much different than when he first piloted the Skid a year ago. Odd glanced down at the pedals on the floor board. There was one big on and 5 smaller ones that aligned the floorboard of the Skid.
“Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions?” Odd asked as he glanced back up.

“OK, Odd, I am back. Do you remember how to pilot the Skidbladnir?” Jeremy asked.

“Uh...” Odd paused as he glanced around. He spotted a small white lever down near the center console.
“Yeah, it's all coming back to me.” Odd said as he reached for the lever.

“Head towards the Hydra and engage it. Once it's destroyed and the storm's been neutralized I will bring you guys back” Jeremy said.

“OK then...” Odd said as he grabbed the shifter. “Look out Hydra, ODD DELLA ROBBIA'S COMING TO SLAY YOU!” he shouted in a heroic manner as he pulled back on the control stick.

The Skidbladnir stayed in the exact same spot. It did not move at all. Odd pulled back the control stick a second time, fearing maybe the Skid was still in stand by mode.

“...Odd?” Jeremy asked.

“Hang on, Einstein... I think the Skid's out of gas.” Odd responded.


“Uh... hang on, Jeremy...”

“You forgot, didn’t you?”

“Um... well... it has been a year.”

Odd heard a sarcastic sigh from Jeremy as he could only imagine his friend facepalming.

“Push the red button on the left that looks like a square. Then step on the large pedal on the floor board and use the flight sticks to steer where you want to go.” Jeremy said.

Odd glanced around the console until he spotted a red button that matched Jeremy's description. He slowly reached down and pressed the button; the craft suddenly hummed to life. After a few seconds Odd placed his foot on the pedal as the craft slowly accelerated.
“What do I do for weapons?”

“On the overhead row is a green button. You want to touch that button and it will bring the weapons online for you. To go into a holding pattern you want to hit the green button next to it.”

“OK. Now it's time for me to pay a visit to the Hydra.” Odd said as the craft sped towards the air battle.

Yumi's Nav-Skid tumbled through the air as she zipped past a tall pillar standing in the air. The Navskid's engines roared as Yumi felt every fiber of her being tingle with sensation. The fear of flying so fast and close to other objects was enough to make Yumi's heart stop a couple of times. Yet she knew if she slowed down, the beast behind her would catch her and send her back to the real world... defeated, if she was lucky.

The pillar suddenly cracked and tumbled as the Hydra burst through the it in pursuit. The beast kept a good pace with Yumi as it paid little to no attention to anything else but the small creature attempting to get away from it. The Hydra's body made sharp turns and twists as it quickly moved towards Yumi. Its metal scales clanked and clinked together as its body twisted in multiple directions.

Yumi pulled up on the flight stick of her Nav-Skid. The G-force was enough to cause the virtual warrior to flinch madly. Yumi moaned and grunted as she tried to fight the G-force. She had to keep the Hydra busy so that the others could attack it.
“Are you guys ready?” Yumi asked as she decelerated and let the craft level out.

Close behind the Hydra, two Nav-Skids broke through a cloud as they stayed in close pursuit of the beast. They tried to keep the craft stable and steady as they kept a close eye on the Hydra's body. With every twist and turn the Hydra made, they mimicked so that they could get a target lock faster.

“ Yumi, just hang on.” Puck said as his Nav-Skid led Ulrich's close behind the Hydra.

Yumi swerved her Nav-Skid out of the path of the Hydra once more. The young Asian looked over in time to see a nasty row of teeth come crashing down right beside her. Yumi quickly veered left as she rocketed away from the savage beast. The flight stick was pushed all the way down to the floor as Yumi leaned forward. The powerful G-forces were pushing her body hard, yet Yumi continued to hold fast, she didn’t want to end up as Hydra's lunch.

Ulrich watched as the small red triangle on his targeting system rotated around the Hydra's small weak spot. He gritted his teeth as he found his patience was running thin, every second he waited for the targeting program to acquire a lock was another minute that meant Yumi was still in danger.
Finally, a short ping echoed through the cockpit, announcing that the small triangle was now locked onto the back of the Hydra's body and was ready to fire.

“Yumi, move!!!” Ulrich shouted as he placed his index finger on the red trigger under the flight stick.

Yumi quickly tilted her flight stick as her Nav-Skid banked to the right. The Nav-Skid then decelerated, allowing the massive beast to slide by.

Ulrich squeezed the firing trigger as the Nav-Skid rattled and shook. A barrage of lasers poured out of the muzzles of its barrel, raining down on the Hydra's weak spot.

The lasers slammed into the target which was marked with a Xana symbol. Small, thin armor plate vibrated and rattled as the blue lasers perforated the thin sheet. As more lasers poured onto the Hydra's back, the plate exploded in a blue flamed explosion. Fragments of the plate scattered in the air, revealing the soft inside of the beast.

“You did it!!!” Jeremy shouted from the lab. “Now you just got to hit its internals!”

Yumi passed by the stunned Hydra as she prepared to take aim at the large creature. She glanced down towards the withering behemoth when she realized that a small section of the plate was still attached to the Hydra's body.
“ Wait, we didn’t destroy the plate.” Yumi noted as she veered away from the Hydra. “There’s only a small piece left, but we should be able to hit it with the Skidbladnir.”
Yumi brought the nose of her craft around and prepared to engage.
“I got this one, Ulrich,” she said as she brought up her targeting system.

“Wait, look!” Puck shouted over the radio.

The Hydra roared defiantly as it suddenly lurched its body downwards. Pain raced through its body as its armored plates clanked against its open wound. Its massive scales shifted and clanked together as the mighty beast slid down past the surface and vanished underneath the sector's floor near the digital sea. An eerie silence fell on the entire area with the exception of the hum from Yumi's Nav-Skid.

Yumi looked all around her from the cockpit of her Nav-Skid, looking for a sign of the Hydra. She paid close attention to her surroundings as she waited for the Hydra to reappear; she  listened for any possible noise that could indicate the Hydra was once again about to pounce. However, she saw and heard nothing. The Hydra vanished.

“Ulrich, Jeremy, I lost it.” Yumi said reluctantly.

“I don’t see it either.” Ulrich said over the radio. “It dipped below the sector's floors and I lost it!”

“Hang on, Odd's on his way. He will be there in a few minutes.” Jeremy said.

Puck glanced around the sector's floor. He was searching for any trace of Hydra's presence, yet he was unable to see anything from his location. Nothing but a calm and silent world met his eyes.
“Did it retreat?” Puck asked.

“I'm looking for it,” Jessica said over the intercom.

Yumi scanned the outside of the Nav-Skid. She glanced around for any sign that the beast was close by, possibly hiding and stalking her like a savage animal preparing to pounce. Yet as Yumi glanced around through the open sky and below her near the ground, there was no sign of the Hydra.
“I don’t see it anywhere...” Yumi said.

“Maybe it succumbed to its wounds?” Jessica suggested.

“Don’t worry guys, I am here.” Odd said as the Skidbladnir's engines slowed down and brought the Skid to a slow dredging motion.
Odd sat up in his seat as he glanced around the area, joining the search for the Hydra. But the only thing Odd saw was Puck's Nav-Skid as it raced by him.
“Maybe the Hydra realized I was on my way and ran away?

“If anything was to scare anything off, it would be your odor.” Puck said mockingly.

“Odd? Do you have it on your radar?” Ulrich asked.

Odd glanced down at the radar of the Skidbladnir. All he saw was 3 little blue dots.
“No, the only thing I got is us.” Odd said as he stood up in his seat and glanced around for any sign of the Hydra. “Maybe you did destroy it?”

“I don’t think so. I doubt it just got scared and flew off,” Puck said as he flew down below the surface of the sector. “Jessica, any luck?”

“No, I've got nothing on the radar.” Jessica said back in the lab.
As she scrolled around the area where the gang was, she suddenly caught a glimpse of something red. A large and long object appeared to be slinking off to the left.
“Wait, I think I got it!” Jessica said aloud.

“Where is it?” Ulrich asked as he perked his head up.

It was then that Yumi heard a loud ping from her Nav-Skids radar. Yumi looked down to spot a large, long red mass approaching her location.

“Guys, I got it on my radar as well.” Yumi said as she glanced out her cockpit window.

Yumi's Nav-Skid passed by the tower where they had originally met the Hydra. Yumi glanced down towards the ground only to spot the massive hole in the ground where the Hydra attempted to attack them before.

“Yumi, you're too far out, you should come back.” Odd suggested as he stepped on the accelerator pedals of te Skidbladnir.

“Odd's right. Never mind looking for it, we should regroup for now.” Puck suggested.

Yumi paid no attention to Odd and Puck's plea as she continued to fly at a swift pace. The young geisha warrior kept a sharp eye out for any sign of movment.
“Where is it?” Yumi whispered as continued to follow the radar blip on her screen. The radar showed that the Hydra was right in front of her, yet she still couldn't see it.

“Yumi! You're right on top of it!” Jessica said as she watched the small blue dot that represented Yumi's Nav-Skid approach the Hydra.

“Where? I don't see it!”

Suddenly, the clouds above Yumi parted as a massive open mouth plummeted from above Yumi's vessel. The mouth opened wide and closed in on its unsuspecting prey. A ferocious roar bellowed as the beast slammed into the Nav-Skid's body, shaking the pilot inside, and slammed its jaws down tight onto the Nav-Skid. Sparks shot through the air as its massive teeth scrapped along the side of the Nav-Skid, cutting into it like fire through ice. The Hydra rose into the air triumphantly as it had finally captured one of the annoying pests that had been bothering it.

Yumi shrieked as she felt her body tilt to one side of the Nav-Skid's cockpit. She glanced up in time to see the massive teeth of the Hydra closing down on her fighter. The Nav-Skid's frame cracked and moaned as it was crushed under the pressure of the massive beast's jaws. The lights on the console blinked and sparked as the ship was further crushed. It sounded  like a car crash.

“ GUYS! THE HYDRA'S GOT YUMI!” Jessica shouted.
I know that its been quite a while since the last update for wwf. i am in the process of working on it, until i lost my job.

I need to focus on getting a new job and one that was less stressful then the last one. I apologize to everyone who was wating for the next chapter.  My hear truely mourns for it.  this is not the end of World without fear. just a breife pause till i find a new job.

Words can not say how sorry i am.  i will hopefully be back in a few weeks.
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