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World Without Fear Concept art #1 Sissi Lyoko form by optimus304
World Without Fear Concept art #1 Sissi Lyoko form
I have to say....the hardest part about this story has been creating new designs, powers, and costumes for the various characters in the story....But a fan came forward and gave me a good point and direction for Sissi.....And its awesome

This concept art was generously donated to me by :iconxaviorthelycan: who contacted me about the same time i was reserching designs for Sissi....And i must say this is good

She has a robotic brawler feel to her like Baymax from big hero six but she has a personailty look of She-Hulk....but the one thing that gets me is she looks like Batman in his armor ready to go toe to toe with Superman....And that is a nice Sissi, and the gang a more hands on feel of the action as opposed to flying, shooting, and stabbing....

it really does bring variety into the mix. and this is a strong contender for Sissi's form.  And she looks like a prize fighter ready for the main event.

If you have any more ideas, designs, or suggestions please note me. I think bringing the fans into this story is the best way to make this story better.

Sissi Delmas is owned by Moonscoope

"Armor Sissi" is owned by :iconxaviorthelycan:
Aether's lighting form flew towards Aelita with its hands open, revealing dagger like, electrical talons. The lightning that composed the form of the beast tangled and twisted around the electric entity. Every once in a while, electricity snapped and crackled as arcs formed and pulled off of each other from the raw power contained inside the being. A stream of lighting flowed from the eye of the storm, which rotated and pulsed in an orange ball of energy and into the back of Aether's electric form. Its mouth opened wide as his sharp beak like mouth hissed from the electricity in his body.
“Now, my dear, face the god of air!!!” Aether roared.

Seeing Aether's electric form approaching, Aelita snapped out of her memories from a couple of months ago. It was time to act.
She quickly opened her wings wide and, with a and powerful flap, she rose into the air in time for Aether to pass right underneath her. Aelita pulled back her fist; a ball of blue and white energy flowed through the armor and into her crystal hand. Aelita then threw her fist down, firing a blue laser blast towards Aether. The blue beam traveled through the air and hit Aether's electrical form square in the side, causing a large chunk of electricity to shatter and disperse.

Aether quickly turned around and faced Aelita. A section of his body had been cut clean by Aelita's attack. Aether smiled as the electricity from the storm filled the hole where Aelita had blasted, reforming the injury to his electrical form.

“Did you think it would be that easy?!” Aether shouted as he was forming a mass of energy in his hand.
He threw his hand in the air; the energy formed an electrical whip, which wrapped and tightened around Aelita's waist. The electricity coursed through her body. Aelita could feel her body tense up and freeze as it convulsed painfully in the air.

Aether then raised Aelita into the air and quickly threw her to the ground. The whip unfurled from her waist. Aelita tumbled as she started a free fall.

She regained consciousness. Having realized she was in free fall, she quickly opened her wings. The wind's resistance slowed her down enough for her to regain her bearings and rise into the air again. Aelita shook her head as she noticed small spots of white in her eyes.
Suddenly, a loud noise came from behind her. She turned in time to see Aether right above her and unleash a beam of electricity. Aelita quickly rolled to her left. The wind snapped loudly as she felt the power of the lightning bolt flying right past her.
She tilted her wings as her body rose into the air and backflipped. She then rotated her body and with a loud and strong flaps, she approached Aether. She held out both hands and quickly fired a series of short energy beams.

Aether pulled out the electrical whip once more. He whipped it through the air, slicing the energy beams in half as they exploded.

Aelita formed a pair of energy pulsations in her hands. She reached out and grabbed the throat of Aether's electrical form, using some energy to prevent Aether from forcing electricity back into her body.

Aether screeched loudly as the electricity began to dissipate from his electrical being. He felt the grip of Aelita's hands grow tighter when he finally reached and grabbed Aelita's wrist, returning the favor.

Aelita withered and convulsed once more, screaming at the top of her lungs. The pain once again returned; she could see bright flashes of light over her eyelids.
Then, without thinking, she released the energy beam built up in her arms. The beams struck Aether, forcing him away from her as he floated back.

“So, the most powerful being on Earth is still a scared little girl. Without your friends you are practically helpless. What can you possibly do to stop me?” Aether tooted as he spread his wings and flew back towards Aelita. Aether arrived just in front of the girl as he landed several blows to her.

Aether punched Aelita in the stomach. The pain from the punch not only fazed Aelita, but the shock from the electricity was much worse. Aether then punched Aelita once more in the chest area. The force of this hit felt like a sledgehammer hitting the poor girl.

Aelita winced in pain as she tried to recover. But every time she tried to back off, Aether was right there to deliver yet another blow. Aelita had no time to think or to react as Aether landed a devastating uppercut to her. She flew backwards as she felt a warm mass fill her mouth. Aelita coughed as she nearly choked on her own blood. She was almost certain that she just lost a couple of teeth.

“I’m so glad it was you who would risk this gamble and not someone else. I still owe you for the embarrassment on Lyoko!” Aether said as he threw his whip out once more. The whip sparked and ignited the air around it as it closed in on Aelita.

Aelita quickly formed a field of energy in her right hand as she reached out and grabbed the whip, stopping it cold.
“And I still owe you for what you said to Puck.” she grunted as she pulled the whip towards her, tugging Aether along with it.

Aether flew towards the young girl and was met with an energy based physical attack of her own. Aelita slammed her fist into Aether's mouth as she again let the energy of her Savior powers prevent the electricity from flowing back into her.

The pair fell free through the air, Aelita was landing more and more punches while Aether delivered a few blows himself. Both glistened through the air as they came closer and closer towards the ground.

Aether grunted loudly as a section of his face dispersed, leaving a hole for the Polymorphic Specter to try and repair. Aether then felt a second hit slam into his chest; a hole appeared inside his electrical body.

Aelita punched more and more as she watched the electricity disperse and disappear from Aether's form. Aelita pulled back once more and put all of her remaining energy into one final punch as she prepared to finish off Aether. Her teeth clenched and gritted as she prepared for the delivery.

Suddenly, Aether opened his mouth; a bolt of lightning fired, startling and scaring his attacker.

Both pulled away from each other quickly.
___________________________________________________________________________________ Travis stepped into the lobby of the building. A group of fire and rescue team members brushed past him. Officer Bobseth also followed close behind Travis.

“There are at least 6 people trapped inside the elevator. It's stuck in between the 3rd and the 2nd floor.” the young police officer said. “We just can't get the elevator to budge without the power. The emergency release is jammed so for now we're trying to enter from the top of the elevator shaft and get the people out that way.”

Travis nodded as he looked towards the young officer. “Go help them, I'm gonna contact my colleague.”
As the young officer hurried away, Travis pulled out his phone and called George. “Hey, how's our girl doing?”

“You do know you shouldn’t be on the phone during a lightning storm, right?” George said.

“I know. But how is she?”

“Well... I think the storm is giving her a hard time.” George said as he peered up into the air with a pair of binoculars.

“Explain hard?”

“It looks like she's fighting with something made out of electricity.” George said.

“Keep an eye on her, OK? I'm gonna complete the evacuation.” Travis said with concern for Aelita in his voice.

“You got it,” George said as he hung up.

Travis placed the phone in his pocket as he followed the police officer up a flight of stairs. The hallway of the building was dark and empty. Say for a few emergency lights on in the hallways, there was nothing but pitch black around him. Not even the flashlight that Travis carried could truly pierce the darkness.
Finally after a few minutes Travis was led to the elevator shaft where people were trapped in. A group of rescue workers huddled around the open elevator door as they worked hard to get the trapped personnel out.

“What's the situation here?” Travis asked.

“We're slowly lowering one of our rescue team members down to start extracting people from the elevator. The problem is that the elevator door is magnetic and has somehow sealed shut, we can't get the civilians out unless we cut the door, which the fire department is currently attempting to do.” Bobseth informed.

“How much longer will this take?” Travis asked.

“I’m not sure, we haven’t even gotten the door pried open yet.” Bobseth said as a loud grinding noise came from inside the elevator shaft.

“OK, well, we need to hurry. There is a strong possibility that Aelita may fail to stop that storm.” Travis said as he stepped back and pulled out his cell phone again. He flipped through his contacts and landed on Jeremy's cell number. Soon a connection was established.

“Agent Dalesman? How's Aelita?” Jeremy asked.

“She's heading up to take out the storm. But we have another situation here.” Travis said. He heard Jeremy breathe in deep on the phone and quickly responded to Jeremy's reaction, “And it doesn’t include Aelita.”

“OK, good,” Jeremy said with a sigh of relief. “What's up?”

“There’s a building right directly under the storm and there are people trapped inside one of the elevators. The rescue team is having a hard time getting them out.”

“What building?” Jeremy asked.

“Danny et Arin Financial,” Travis said.

“OK, let me look up the map and some info of the building,” Jeremy said over the phone. Travis could hear Yumi and Ulrich in the background. After a few seconds Jeremy came back. “Is that the building on the corner of rue de Gaulle?”

“Yeah, the 6 story building.” Travis responded.

“Perfect, that building was built in 1949, when the Soviet Union was firing up the Iron Curtain. There is a bomb shelter that the elevator shaft is connected to. If you can lower the elevator down towards the bomb shelter, you can not only get the people and the rescue workers out of the way, but they will be able to work safely as well.” Jeremy said.

“Okay. Is the tower still activated?” Travis asked.

“Yeah, and I just pulled everyone out of Lyoko, I can't send any of them back because they need at least 5 hours in between transfers or else it can cause bodily harm.”

“How do I get the elevator down without power?” Travis asked.

“Hang on, let me check something. What floor is the elevator stuck on?”

“In between the 3rd and 2nd floor.”

“Is the elevator hydraulic?”

Travis quickly caught the attention of one of the rescue members. “Hey, is the elevator hydraulic?”

“Yes, but we're having a hard time accessing the EMR bleeder valve. The building technician is on the way, but we haven’t heard from him in a while.” The fireman said.

“Where's the valve at?” Travis said as he put the phone down.

The fireman lead the agent to the elevator shaft. Travis looked down to see two firemen standing on top of the elevator car. The firefighter pulled out his flashlight and pointed it towards the rear of the car next to a tube and the small gears that were connected to the cables.
“The pressure has built up on the bleeder valve. We're gonna try to bleed the pressure in the line so we can lower it down to a floor where we can pry the door open.”

“What about down to the bomb shelter? That way the storm can't hinder the rescue,” Travis asked.

“We can do that,” the fireman said. “But the technician doesn’t want us moving it until he gets here.”

“Where is he then?” Travis asked. “He's not here. And that storm's intensifying, we need to act.”

“Agent Dalesman?” Jeremy said on the phone.

“Yeah bud?”

“Try releasing the bleeder valve on the back side, that elevator has a second auxiliary valve that doesn’t need a key or anything from the janitor. “Jeremy said as thunder rattled through the sky.

“OK, can you walk me through it?” Travis asked.

“Sure. Find a Phillips screw driver, then twist the bleeder valve a quarter of the inch to the left releasing the valve so that the pressure slowly lets out, once the pressure starts to seep out, the elevator will slowly lower, the more pressure you release the faster it will go, so be careful.”

“Wow, thanks, buddy.” Travis said as he hung up on Jeremy. No sooner had Travis hung up on Jeremy than he spotted a bright light coming from the outside. Travis and the rest of the rescue team turned in time to see a bright light falling to the ground like a rock.

Aelita noticed she was a few feet from the ground and used her wings like a parachute. Aelita closed her eyes as she felt her legs finally touch the ground. Her wings folded around her as she felt the shock from the land travel up her body. Thanks to her quick thinking, none of her bones broke, yet the pain was definitely there.

Aether's electrical form landed on the ground with a loud thud and a crackle of thunder. The electrical Aether laid there for a few seconds. Finally, it slammed its hands into the ground, the force of its slam threw Aether back up into the air and landed on its feet.
Aether glanced around at the empty plaza square.
“I forgot how nasty this world was.” he hissed in disgust as he threw out his hand.

A small current of electricity hit one of the parked cars and lifted it into the air. Aether grunted loudly as he looked towards Aelita and hurled the car at her. The car landed on is roof as it skidded towards the girl. Aelita quickly leapt into the air and jumped over that car, landing on her feet once more as the car slammed into a parked van on the other end of the parking lot.

Within minutes, some of the local police who were on scene trying to help with the evacuation drew out their weapons and were pointing them at Aether. Armed only with pistols, the cops timidly approached the electrical being, ready to fire.

Aelita looked on as the cops closed in. Aelita tried frantically to gather their attention to get them to back off so that they wouldn’t be hurt by angry Aether. However, they would not listen.

“Aelita!?” A voice called from behind her. Aelita turned to see George running up with his pistol drawn. The American agent stopped right in front of her with his .45 caliber pistol aimed right at Aether. “You OK?”

“I'm fine, but we need to get the police out of here before they get hurt.” Aelita said. “And I can't get close to the storm because Aether's polymorphic specter keeps attacking me.”

“Poly wag what?” George asked as he turned to face Aelita, his gun lowered towards the ground.

“It's a virtual monster that enters the real world through Lyoko, a shapeshifter that’s controlled by whoever sends it or activates the tower.” Aelita explained.

Aether looked around at the police who aimed their weapons at him. Some attempted to call for back up on their radio while others reached for more equipment in their cars.
“This is the Amines Police Department. Put your hands over head and get on your knees.”

Aether smirked as he looked around.
“You don’t command a god!!!” Aether shouted as electricity built up around his body.
Aether quickly lowered his hands as the electricity dispersed, knocking most of the police officers and their vehicles back several yards.

One officer tumbled over the ground. Landing on his back, he looked up in time to see one of the squad cars bounce off the ground and lean towards him. The car slowly tumbled over as the officer screamed in panic, fearing he would be squished by his own vehicle. As he raised a hand up to protect his face, a quick dash of light flew past him. He was yanked incredibly hard though the air as the car landed directly where the officer had been a few seconds ago. The officer saw the world around him speed up and finally come to a halt as he landed a few feet away. He looked up to see a pink haired teen with glowing wings standing over him, smiling.

“You OK?” Aelita asked with concern in her voice. The officer could only nod as he was still in a state of shock. “Once you recover, pull the rest of your men back, OK?” Aelita asked as she jumped into the air once more and made a B-line straight for Aether.

Several of the police officers who recovered from the shockwave started firing on the electrical being. Their bullets had no effect on Aether as they were being stopped by an electric force field.

George ran up to one of the officers while he was reloading, he grabbed the arm of the cop and pulled him around so that the young man was facing him.
“Officer! You and your men need to hold your fire and fall back!” he shouted.

“And let this thing threaten everyone else in the area?” The young man said defiantly.

Suddenly, Aelita flew over the two arguing men with a swoosh. She held out her hand; a blue and white beam formed in her palm. The beam fired, striking Aether in his chest and head, bringing the monster's movements to a halt as it began to rebuild its body.

When the electricity finally formed the head of the beast, Aether opened his mouth and fired a beam of lightning at the young girl. The lightning bolt cracked through the air, striking Aelita across the chest and leaving a glowing mark where it hit.
Aelita tumbled to the ground and landed on her side with a loud thud. She slowly sat up in time to see Aether's electrical whip swipe through the air and wrap around her neck. Pain and torment once again filled Aelita's body as she was being electrocuted.

Aether quickly jumped into the air and spread his wings. He sped off in the opposite direction, dragging Aelita on the hard, cold concrete. After a few seconds, Aelita felt her body being lifted into the air as Aether increased his air speed.

Aether lifted his arm and pulled the paralyzed girl's body towards him. As soon as Aelita was directly underneath Aether, he placed his feet on her back and dropped his body straight to the ground, slamming the helpless girl right below him.

“Look at you, so helpless and alone,” Aether said as he leaned down towards Aelita, who grunted and moaned in pain as she slowly tried to stand up. “Now watch as I wipe the ground away with the power of air.” Aether said as the the storm above them crackled and hissed, as it finally reached critical mass. A ball of electricity hummed louder and louder, ripples of electricity focusing in the very bottom of the orb. It would unleash its power over the streets of Amines any second.

Aether slowly stepped off Aelita and looked on as the young girl laid on the ground and writhed in pain.

Aelita placed her hand on her chest as she felt her heart race; one more electrical attack and she would probably be done for. Aelita slowly looked up towards the flying electrical monster; her vision was blurry and all she could hear was a loud ring.
Aelita tried to focus. She could feel something inside her calling out, almost as if her instincts were taking command. Aelita felt her body go numb as she saw the crystal armor glow. She was unaware of it, but her eyes suddenly turned white as she felt a swirl of energy flow through her body.
She slowly stood up onto her legs and straightened her body out. She looked towards Aether as she felt her strength return to her.
“No,” Aelita said as she stretched out her entire body and stared down the now intimidated Aether. “I can still defeat you.”

Aelita spread her wings wide open. Her hands glowed white as she reached out and grabbed Aether, using the energy forming in her hands to prevent electrical backlash. Aelita then quickly threw herself and Aether into the air; both of them flew towards the storm. Aelita felt the wind blow through her hair as she carried the screaming Titan with her. She lifted Aether up to face her; a long blue and white beam fired from Aelita's palm, cutting through Aether's electrical form.

The storm finally unleashed a bolt of orange lighting. A crack echoed through the air as the night sky brightly flashed orange. The lightning bolt fired from the orb, looking like a vein of orange flying though the air. Unlike regular lightning, this bolt did not dissipate as quickly; instead it continued to pulsate and flash as it arched its way down to the ground. It met the resistance from another source of energy being fired from below it, a source of energy that the storm could not absorb, but was causing it to lose power fast.

Aelita watched the lightning bolt collide with her energy beam. She felt the force of the lighting bolt hit her energy beam like a car hitting a tree. Aelita felt the force push against her, causing her whole body to tremble as she pushed her energy beam off with all her might, attempting to prevent the lighting bolt from not only hitting her, but the town below her. Then, she felt her power began to fade; she reached the limit of her abilities. She watched the lighting bolt move closer and closer to her.

A small thread of electricity formed around the energy beam. The blue lightning rotated around the beam, leaving a hole in the bottom, allowing the energy from Aelita's beam to not affect the electricity. Slowly, a face formed from the lightning as Aether's grotesque head appeared.
“Oh my, it looks like you won't be able to hold out much longer.” Aether teased.

Aelita didn’t even respond. Her eyes still glowed white as she pushed her energy into the storm's center, restricting the lightning bolt from going any further.

“Just give it up, you have lost.” Aether teased.


“It's over, Aelita.”

Aelita grunted as she tensed up every muscle in her body. She gritted her teeth as she felt a second wind hit her.

“NEVER!” Aelita shouted as she pushed the energy beam out of her palm and up towards the storm.

The blue and white beam exploded out of Aelita's palm; it engulfed the electrical version of Aether, causing the electricity to melt with the beam's energy. The beam flew through the air, crashing into the lightning bolt and absorbing it. Finally, the beam penetrated into the storm's center and into the large orb of electricity that hung over the city.

The orb grew brighter and brighter as the positive energy from Aelita's beam neutralized the negative energy from the storm. The white energy from Aelita's beam swirled inside the orange orb like two fluids mixing together. The orb's color changed from orange to bright white as the lightning from the orb began to flow out and veined outwards through the storm clouds, causing the orb to shrink. Finally, after a few seconds, the beam pierced through the other side of the orb. The energy that the storm had absorbed all this time dispersed through the clouds as the sky brightly lit up, as if the Sun poked its head through the darkness for a few seconds, illuminating the entire night sky and the city below it before the light slowly faded away.

Back on Lyoko, Aether tried everything to keep the storm's energy balance intact. However, the beam from Aelita's attack destabilized the storm's energy so much that the tower shifted from red to white. Aether was only a few seconds away from losing control over the tower.

“No! This can't be!” Aether shouted as he ran his hands through the holopanel in an attempt to find a solution to his oppression. Aether could only watch as the storm's energy finally hit zero. Aether slammed his fist on the holo panel in anger as he realized the truth. The tower's color turned from red to white, indicating the tower was no longer active. The attack was over.
“She's... she's just one girl!” Aether shouted. “How was this possible?!”

Back on Earth, the orb finally collapsed on itself as the energy dispersed through the storm cloud. Lightning echoed through the night sky as the storm slowly returned to normal. The orb in the sky was gone and the electrical version of Aether vanished.

Aelita hovered on the night sky, shaking from the pain and exhaustion, yet smiling over the comforting fact that it was all over. She sighed as she laughed a little.
“I did it.” she whispered as she held her left side with her hand. She opened her wings once more and slowly descended towards the ground.

A small drop of rain landed on Aelita's chin. The ice cool feel was a welcome relief to the young girl. Slowly floating towards the ground, Aelita realized just how high up she really was. It was a shocking revelation, to think that she could fly that high and not feel any effect of the altitude, air temperature or pressure. Yet Aelita didn’t want to honestly think about it. The only thing she cared about was landing onto the ground and relaxing, knowing that she had done a good job.

After a few minutes Aelita finally came within safe distance of the ground, as she could see people running around, trying to recover from Aether's attack. Aelita felt the raindrops fall more and more often as she landed. The feeling of her feet stepping onto hard concrete was a welcome feeling.

Aelita felt her Savior powers fade. The wings pulled into the back of her crystal armor and soon, as a bright light, the armor faded away into the night sky, leaving a very bruised Aelita. She dropped to her knees as she grunted in pain. Dried blood sat around her lips as she clutched her sides. Aelita also felt the pain from when Aether shocked her and threw her around in the air like a yo-yo.
“Aelita...” The young girl said to herself as she tried to sit up, “You've had a rough night.”
Her legs buckled from underneath her as she fell onto her rear. She had no strength left in her body as she sat there, breathing heavily.
“Nothing a cup of hot chocolate, a shower, and bed couldn’t fix.”

After a few seconds, a pair of hands wrapped around her as she felt herself being lifted up off the ground. The young girl slowly looked up to see a familiar face helping her up, yet she couldn’t hear him. The loud pinging noise in her ears was slowly receding.

“You alright?” George asked nervously as he shook Aelita a little.

“Yeah... But I can hear bells ringing,” the young girl joked.

George sighed with relief as he slowly helped the young girl up to her feet, keeping one arm of hers wrapped around his shoulder as he carefully helped her to the Mustang. The agent bent down low enough so that he wasn’t straining Aelita in any way, but enough so he could help her move.
“You did a good job, girl.” George said, trying to break the silence.

“I sure don’t feel like it, though.” the young girl said as she trailed off into a laugh.

Cold rain was falling as she slowly limped along with the George. She glanced up to see damage Aether had caused when he landed on the ground. A few police cars were on their sides or damaged in various ways. Glass from shattered windows of the many police cruisers that were hit by Aether's electrical shock wave lay on the ground.

The young girl sneered at the sight as she felt responsible.
“Was anyone hurt?” she asked with concern.

“As it stands right now, no.” George said as they came up to the side of the Mustang. George reached out with his free hand and opened the back door. “No one was hurt,” he assured her, seating her in the back seat of the Mustang.

George placed his hand on the back of Aelita's head as he slowly lowered the panting girl. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flashlight. Clicking the light on, he quickly realized just how bad Aelita really was.
“Oh my god!” George whispered examining the cuts, bruises and gashes that adorned Aelita's body. George reached out to examine one, only to notice that Aelita gasped and gritted her teeth in pain at the feeling. “We should get you to a hospital.”

“No!” Aelita shouted in protest. “They... they could...” she mumbled as she began to lose consciousness.

George looked as the girl shook her head slowly. “Hey, Aelita, stay with me!” he pleaded.
He quickly stepped back and reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He dialed Travis as he stepped to the left and placed his free hand on his forehead.

Aelita shivered as she could feel the air temperature drop; she could also hear the sound of rain hitting the hood of the car. The sound of rain snapped her to her senses as she slowly sat up, placing her left arm to support her weight so she could look at George. As Aelita spotted the American, she also saw something strange standing in front of her.

Directly behind Agent Knight stood a figure in a black robe. The figure stood there silent and motionless. Rain dropped down on the leather like fabric that made up the robe as is stared at Aelita. A pair of metal chains draped around the hood which hid the person's face.

Aelita could tell this person was staring at her, even if she couldn’t see his face. Her heart raced as she tried to motion for Agent Knight to turn around. She tried to scream for him, but her body was so drained from the fight she could barely muster a whisper. As Aelita felt the panic sink into her heart, the world around her began to spin and sway as she fell back onto the leather seat once more. Aelita stared up at the ceiling as her mind slowly began to go blank. Her thoughts raced too fast for her to even understand as she tried to motion for help. Aelita blinked slowly as she felt her body go numb.

When she opened her eyes, the man in the robe was sitting over her, staring down at her silently. Aelita gasped as she felt a black leather hand clutch her mouth slowly, leaving just enough room for her to breathe. Before Aelita could begin to struggle, the person in the robe bent down close so that only she could hear him.

“Save me... Save us.” the person said. And with that, the person slowly pulled back out of Aelita's sight and disappeared into the raining night sky, moving away silently behind the unaware American who spoke on the phone.
Aelita tried to sit up with all her strength, her body shook and trembled as she tried to get George's attention.
After a few minutes George put his phone back into his pocket and leaned back into the car to check on Aelita. “You OK?” he asked.

She shook her head as she slowly sat up.
“Did you see him?” she asked nervously.

“See who?”

“The... the person?”
Suddenly, her vision began to blur and darken. Before Aelita could describe the person she had seen, the world fell dark and silent as she finally fell back onto her back and fell asleep.

George bent down over Aelita and placed his fingers over her neck. Her pulse was still strong, she had just fallen asleep from the exhaustion.

Travis jogged up to George as the rain picked up, turning from a light pour into a massive downpour. Travis felt his shoes fill with water as he stepped into a puddle and stopped right in front of George.
“How's she doing?” asked Travis, soaking wet.

George picked up Aelita's legs and tucked them into the back seat and shut the door.
“She's just out, but I think we better go.” George said.

“Why, what's wrong?” Travis asked in confusion.

“Well, it could be nothing, but Aelita mentioned that she saw someone standing out here next to us before she passed out.” George explained. “I mean, after what's happened with this storm, the guy in the robe, and whatever that phone call was, we really need to get out of here.”

Travis patted George in the shoulder as he turned and walked around the car and got into the passenger seat. He then glanced over to his left to see George sit down in the driver's seat and shut the door.

“Did you get everyone evacuated from the building?” George asked.

“Yeah, we did. The police have a handle of the situation here so I believe we are done here.” Travis said. “But I heard from some of the police the press are on their way, and I think it's best to clear out and get our little heroine out of here.”

George nodded as he started the Mustang.

“I will text Jessica and let her know we're on our way back.” Travis said.

George glanced behind him and noticed Aelita was still out and soaked in water. He quickly turned around and turned on the heat in the car. “You know, Jeremy is gonna be pissed about her condition... especially with this being her birthday and all.” he remarked.

“Yeah, we're dead,” Travis joked as the car drove off and turned off one of the side streets, driving by one of the street cameras which followed the black Mustang.

Location: Unknown.

Cigar smoke filled a dimly lit office; a single light from the office lamp filled the room. The loft of tobacco was enough to gag anyone who entered. The office was roomy, with only a huge desk sitting in the middle of the room. The desk was was made intriguingly and elegantly in oak. On top of the desk sat a small computer which ran the feed from Amines, France. The person who sat behind the desk puffed fresh smoke into the air as he watched the entire scene unfold.

“You have gotten stronger since we last crossed paths.” Estrada said as he rotated his chair around to face the issue at hand.

Dr. Kei Asagami laid on the floor of the office, curled up in the fetal position as she held her face and ribs. Her face was beat red from the strikes she received just moments ago, and her ribs hurt even greater than her pride. Tears flowed down her face as she slowly looked up. Her glasses laid next to her, shattered and bent from the devastating blow she had just received. Yet it was her pride that hurt the most as she glanced up at the two men who had just beat her.
One of the men kicked her again in her hand, causing her thin, brittle hand to ping in pain from the hit.

“Jerome, that’s enough,” Estrada said as he turned his full attention to the situation at hand. “Dr Asagami...” Estrada glanced down at the floor where she laid, “Welcome to your performance review.”

Kei looked up in both confusion and anger as she gritted her teeth. Before she could reply, a quick kick to the face knocked her back to reality.

“You will answer the man when he speaks to you,” Jerome said. This young white haired man was one of Estrada's lieutenants. He and his partner Chris were responsible for gathering the fragments of Xana's code to build Xervix, and were also responsible for trying to capture Aelita and Jeremy in France until Frank Morse stepped in. Jerome was a cold hearted sadist who enjoyed making people suffer. His greatest pleasure was to see people's hearts and souls shatter when all hope ran out. Chris was an egotistical person who always wanted to come out on top. He always felt like he was the center of attention, and he knew it. He was very much like a poison running through the veins of its victim. Slow moving, yet with a inevitable outcome.

“You let one of the projects out?” Estrada said as he took another puff from his cigar. “And you even allowed it to make contact with the Americans and the girl?”

“It was just a field test.” Asagami said as she tried to sit up. “I had no idea that Nathaniel or code name Snake Alien would break from the control and attempt to make contact.”

“Is that true?” Estrada said, looking at one of the men. “You two are her bodyguards after all.”

“I haven’t noticed any signs of possible treason, sir.” Jerome said as he looked towards the young Asian, “I believe he was purposely released which leaves us with 4 others.”

“I swear this was an accident!” Asagami shouted for her life as she sat up. “I had no idea that Nathaniel would actually react the way he did... The electrical shock to his mind that was administered should have erased his emotions, memories and destroyed his vocal cords.”

One of the agents suddenly kicked Kei in the kidneys extremely hard; she winced in pain once more. She held her lower back as she cried in pain.

Estrada said nothing as he took another puff from his cigar. He slowly turned around to face the young, scared scientist. He walked over while taking a second puff. “You must not want your sister to be released, nor do you want to live.” Estrada said as he bent down and grabbed Kei's chin. “You pathetic little bitch.”
Estrada took his cigar and crammed it into Kei's forehead. Asagami screamed loudly as she felt the skin on her forehead burn with searing pain. Her mind went blank as she could only focus on the pain that emanated from her forehead.
Estrada held the cigar onto her forehead for a few minutes until he finally pulled the cigar back and released it, letting it drop to the ground.

Jerome smiled at the site of Asagami's pain.
“She deserves worse, sir.” Jerome said.

“Do you want your sister to live?” Estrada said as he stood up.

“Y- yes please,” Asagami said.

Estrada turned around and slowly walked over to his desk. “Is there a control module in Snake Alien's brain?”

“No. I haven’t added the control module to any of the subject's brains... I'm not sure it would work.” Asagami said. “It could cause brain damage and death.”

“That’s precisely why I want it in there!” Estrada said as he rubbed the back of his head. “So that they would be easily controlled.”
Estrada picked up a pistol from his desk. He looked towards Asagami.“A cadaver of human... filth is much easier to control than a living breathing ape. Besides, it worked so great on the last patient.” he said, rubbing his forehead.

Estrada walked over towards the young scientist with a pistol in his hand. His eyes were dead set on the scared, wounded scientist before him.
“These bodyguards were meant to keep you in line... And you even failed at that.”
Estrada quickly pointed the gun at Jerome and pulled the trigger. The bullet slammed into Jerome's sternum as he grunted in shock and pain.
Jerome placed his hand on his chest as he backed up towards the wall of the office. He pulled his hand back to see the white shirt underneath his black jacket. He placed his palm back on the would and looked up at Estrada in confusion.

“I told you to keep her in her place at all times.” Estrada said.

“B—But sir, I tried to-” Jerome said until a second gunshot struck him in the chest, puncturing his lung.

“You couldn’t capture the targets...” Estrada said as he walked up to Jerome and placed the gun to his head. “And you couldn’t even keep my soldiers in our control!”
He pulled the trigger.
Asagami winced once more as she heard Jerome's limp body fall to the ground. The smell of cordite filled the room.

Estrada turned to Chris with the gun still in his hand. “You have one more chance, bring me the girl and boy... Before the Ascension.”

“I understand sir, and I will not fail.” Chris said nervously as sweat poured down his face.

“For your sake... I hope so.” Estrada said as he threw the pistol on the ground. “Now get that body out of here.”

Chris nodded as he stepped out of the room quickly and ran down the hallway to find help to remove the body.

Estrada glared down at the scared Asagami who whimpered in fear and pain. The man slowly bent down and came within eye level of the scientist. He slowly reached around and picked up her glasses.
“You see... I don’t like failure.” Estrada said as he placed the glasses on her face. “It sets back what is beautiful.”

Asagami looked up at Estrada in confusion.

He stood up and walked around to his desk. He sat in the chair and pulled out another cigar.
“I want you to picture something beautiful...The entire world... Barren, deserted, a skeleton of what it used to be. With humanity reduced to ash and bones... and those who still cling to life, who cling to hope slowly losing their minds and their souls... till the last breath is finally drawn...”

Asagami slowly stood up as she glanced at Estrada in confusion and terror.

“Humanity claims that they are trying to be a better species, that they want a better tomorrow, but instead... all that humanity is... is killers. And don’t killers deserve to be put down?”

Asagami held her side as tears of fear ran down her face.

“That’s all humanity is... a cancer, that must be burned in the most painful way possible. They don’t get a second chance, they don’t get a life line, they don’t deserve a new beginning. They have ran out of time. Now like the dinosaurs, their time is up. And I am the executioner. And when the planet is reduced to a cinder, the Earth will finally be cured of the filth that is... Homo sapiens.”

“Then what about you?” Asagami asked.

“Well... that’s a story for another time.” Estrada said as he lit his cigar. “Now go, you have work to do.”

Asagami nodded; she bolted for the door as fast as she could. Her limp, frail body was numb with fear as she realized that the man she was working for was crazy... But there was more, much more. He seemed almost demonic.

Estrada slowly turned to the monitor once Asagami had left and flipped through the footage till he came across an image of Aelita fighting the electrical Aether.

“And once we meet... I will show you that beauty. I will show you something truly beautiful.”
Chapter 9

Black Night Sky

As the storm grew bigger, clouds swirled and pillared; a powerful updraft filled them like balloons. Every once in a while lightning coursed through the mass of clouds, pulsing towards a ball of orange energy that hung high up in the sky.
The storm was now at its peak, about to release its fury upon downtown Amines. Its purpose was to cast doubt on the guardians, the Lyoko Warriors, who had chosen to stand up for the people and against the storm's masters. A scene straight out of a disaster movie was about to unfold as lightning crackled and popped loudly.
A lone light flew like a shooting startowards the storm cloud, which was glistening with heavenly and otherworldly glamour.

Aelita flew as fast as a speeding bullet. Her body was tucked into itself and streamlined, her crystal wings remained steady. Using the updraft of the storm to her advantage, the young girl rose into the air, her crystal covered body cutting through the darkness like a blow torch through butter. Strands of pink hair flapped around her head. Determination grimaced her face.
Aelita knew what was at stake. She knew what would happen if she failed, she knew what would happen if she continued to live in fear; she knew that everything she loved would be lost. But not today.
On her birthday, she would not allow her newly found humanity to cost someone's soul.

A pair of crystal wings flapped powerfully, bringing Aelita at an altitude just above the storm's ball of energy. Aelita threw her legs out as she came to a stop. She scouted around, looking for a proper place to attack the storm from.
“I’ve gotta hit the eye of the storm, where the energy is being drawn towards,” Aelita thought. “If I do that, the positive energy from my beams should disrupt the negative energy that is inside the storm, causing it to lose shape and its power!”

The storm crackled loudly as thunder echoed through the air.
“I’m getting too old for this,” Aelita joked as she focused on pulling the energy from her body to strike the storm.

Then she noticed a strange pulsation coming from the center of the storm. At first it seemed like the storm was drawing in more energy. But the pulsation grew stronger, focusing on a section of the ball just in front of her. An electric arc jumped out of the ball as it formed a familiar symbol. The eye of Xana protruded from the lightning ball. Aelita braced herself for a possible attack.

The symbol slowly drifted away from the storm, making a screeching sound like that of metal being scraped against metal. Then, it collapsed on itself and formed a ball of energy. The ball began to twist and move as it suddenly stretched outwards, sprouting limbs. A pair of twisted, clawed legs appeared, followed by a pair of arms with wings attached to them. Finally, a head sprouted out of the top of the lightning figure, a pair of sharp horns appeared on the head and a pair of red lights appeared on the center of the forehead, forming eyes.

Aelita watched in shock as she realized just what it was that had manifested itself.

“A god of air is not restricted to any realm.” Aether said in a echoing and high pitched voice. “Your friends thought I would ambush them in the tower where the storm raged on Lyoko. Fortunately, your friends' idea, much like your existence, was an error.”

“How are you controlling that?” Aelita asked.

“Through the very tower that I activated!” Aether said triumphantly as he opened his clawed hands; small sparks of electricity arched from his fingertips.

Meanwhile, on Lyoko, the interior of the tower was black and red, indicating that it was in use and activated. The only source of light came from the holo panel at the center of the room. A large shadow was cast upon the walls of the tower – a shadow of a triumphant Titan who managed to outmaneuver his enemies.

Aether stood in front of the holo panel, holding his hand right in front of the panel, using it as a type of port so that he could control the storm back on Earth. Every action he performed on Lyoko was mimicked on Earth.

“If your friends made it past that strange Hydra creature, and into the tower here, I would have definitely been easily defeated. However, your friends did not, which is their downfall!” Aether smiled as he glared at the panel.
A direct feed to Earth was being broadcast on a second window of the holo panel; the feed showed Aelita floating in midair right in front of his electrical puppet. He could see the shock and surprise in her eyes. Yet he didn’t see fear... but determination. This disgruntled Aether. Usually Aelita was as timid and scared as a kitten. Yet this Aelita seemed different and much more focused than usual.

“And now, my dear helpless girl, it's time that I grounded you... permanently!” Aether shouted as he shifted his hand on the panel.

Aelita floated in the air as she glared at Aether. Anger filled her body as she remembered what Aether put Puck through. She wanted this.
“Stop talking and gloating,” she said as she held out her hand, “And bring it!”

Lightning form of the Titan crackled and popped as a pair of wings suddenly protruded from its arms. The lightning bird flew towards Aelita as its wings spread open wide.

Aelita held up her hands. She flapped her wings powerfully as she managed to maneuver out of the way of the electrical Aether, who passed directly underneath her. She could feel the hair on her body stand. It made her realize that she had to keep her distance from this new foe. She couldn’t attempt to connect any possible blows or make contact with the entity; if she did, it would more than likely electrocute her. She needed a different tactic to defeat it. It was time to put everything she learned about her Savior powers over the past few months to good use. She felt really confident with her powers now, but getting to that point was a process.

Amines France
The factory
A few months ago

It was a warm and beautiful Saturday. The humidity was low and enjoyable, a cool breeze blew. With afternoon classes finished for the weekend, it would be a great day to lay back and relax... or to test someone's limits.
In the parking lot behind the large and dilapidated factory stood a large wooden table with multiple computer monitors and terminals on it. Each monitor served different purpose; some recorded the subject in question while others monitored their vitals. A series of cables taped to the ground ran from the computers towards a series of video cameras that were set up in a circle. Some recorded images in infrared, while a select few monitored in real time.

Aelita watched as the others prepared the equipment. She looked to her left; she spotted Jeremy and Special Agent Knight finishing up the connections to the computers and cameras. She felt quite out of place. The others wore their usual clothing, while she stood there in her workout clothes, a slim pink and blue tank top with a pair of matching pink and blue running pants.

She felt a bit nervous about all that was about to transpire. Yet she knew it was something that she had to do in order to learn more about her newfound powers and who... or what she actually was.
She had to know what she was capable of, and prove herself that she was not the one thing she feared the most: a threat. Even though Aelita had an idea of what her powers were during her time in America, she was worried that her powers might also act as a double-edged sword. Even though her powers saved her and her friends' lives, she was worried that there might be repercussions. If that was the case, then what would happen? Would people fear her? Would people try to destroy her and the ones she cared most for? Or would she accidentally hurt herself or one of her friends? She had to understand just how she could control her powers and what she could do.
Aelita cleared her mind as she glanced over at her boyfriend. She smiled as she watched Jeremy tinker with the connections. He looked like a kid in a candy store.
Jeremy twisted his fingers as he adjusted the final connection to small coaxial cable that was plugged into the rear of one of the monitors. He felt the metal locking device slide to a stop as he realized it was ultimately connected.
“There we go. I think we're all ready.” Jeremy said as he stood up and placed his arms on his hip.

George looked up at him and nodded. He slowly turned back to look at the table behind a thick clear blast shield where Odd, Jessica and Travis sat.
“Hey Odd, do we have a feed on the final camera?” George asked.

Odd slowly looked up from his phone as he replied to a text from Sissi. He glanced at the TV.
“No. Sorry, it's not on yet.”

Jeremy peeked up over the camera in confusion. “The signal should be connected and running to the monitor. Are you sure?”

“Well, I'm looking at the screen here and it doesn’t have anything on it,” Odd said as he looked at his phone, receiving a new text from Sissi.

“Since when is the monitor in your lap, Odd?” George asked.

“I'm telling you, it's not working. The screen is black.” Odd said, pointing at the monitor.

Jessica took a sip from her soda and leaned over, she reached behind the screen and pressed a button.
“Helps if you turn it on,” Jessica said with a smile as she patted him on the shoulder.

Odd looked at Jessica and slowly turned to look at George and Jeremy who both had a look of aggravation on their faces.
“Hey... It's on now.” Odd said with a smile.

“I warned you about letting Odd help with the wiring.” Jeremy said as he turned and smiled at Aelita.

“You mean to tell me Odd can't even turn on a simple TV?” George asked.

“All I can say is, it's odd.” Jeremy said. “And you should have learned by now.”

“It's not my fault the sun is right over my shoulder and pointing right at the screen!” Odd said in his defense.

Travis and Jessica slowly looked up towards the sun which was directly above them. However, a small pop up tent kept the equipment in shade.
“Um, Odd?” Travis asked before he was cut off by Jessica. Travis glanced at her in confusion; she shook her head, indicating that Travis should just let it go. Travis nodded as he glanced out at George and Jeremy who were walking away from the final camera.
“Are we all set?” Travis asked.

George gave a thumbs up as he walked over to the tent and lightly slapped Odd in the arm.
“As long as the sun doesn’t tamper with our equipment, we should be.” George said as he reached for the large tablet which received all information and statistics from the equipment. George grabbed a small metal case and walked over to Aelita with Jeremy close behind.

“About time! I would like to get a tan and all, but I burn like a lobster in lava.” Aelita said.

“Good thing we brought sunscreen.” Jeremy said.

George opened the case, revealing a small watch-like heart monitor and a black plastic strap.
“Ok, Aelita, I need you to put this on your wrist,” George said as he handed her the watch-like monitor. “And this goes around your chest,” he added as he pulled out the strap. “But you can wear it over your clothes, so don't worry.”

Aelita placed the strap around her chest. Soon, a beep sounded from the monitor on her wrist.
“OK. Now what?” she asked.

George then reached behind him and grabbed a pair of lead pads off the table. “I will need you to turn around,” he motioned.
As Aelita turned around, George peeled the adhesive part from the lead. “This one goes on the back of your neck, it monitors your brainwaves, while the other one goes on your side and monitors your breathing rate.”

“Sounds easy enough... just tell me I don't need to do a cat scan next.” Aelita joked.

“That will be later.” George remarked.

“Why are we doing this again?” Odd asked.

“Because the U.N. wants to know just what Aelita is capable of, and Aelita wants to know as well.” Travis said.

“But we know what she's capable of, kicking ass and looking good at the same time.” Odd said, nudging Jeremy. „Relax, Einstein.”
Jeremy merely rolled his eyes in response to Odd's comment.
“I also meant,” Odd continued, „why out here in the parking lot and not in some government test range?”

“Because the French government doesn’t approve ofour actions. And right now we are doing all we can to keep them from coming and arresting all of you.” Travis said.

“Arrest us?” Aelita asked. „Why?”

“They don't trust the Supercomputer or Aelita in the hands of children. They feel power will corrupt you and things will get out of control.”

“But we have fought Xana, Xervix and now Mal-tech for 4 years now. Why would they consider us a threat?” Jeremy asked.

“Because even though there where no fatalities in Las Vegas, the Strip was heavily damaged and the world is now aware of the power you posses. There are people who want to throw you kids in jail, kill you, dissect Aelita, and use the Super Computer as a weapon. And France is at the center of it because that's where you reside and where the Computer is. So, the government isn’t very happy.”

“Dissect me?” Aelita shuddered.

“If someone tries to make a move on you, we got you covered.” Travis said, assuring the nervous teen. “If not... Odd and the others will.”

“What's the U.S.'s take on this whole thing?” Odd asked.

“Washington saw what happened in Nevada and at Area 51. They are aware that the only way to stop Xervix from escaping again is to work with you to destroy it. Afterwards, I am not sure.”
Travis turned and looked at the concerned kids who stared at him. “But don't worry... Once this is over, we will make sure no one comes after you guys.”

“It will probably get turned over to the United Nations' newly created Earth Defense Force, and I know one of the guys who works for them. They are a good group.” George said.

“Who's that?” Jessica asked.

“Dr Sangasa.” George said.

“Isn't he chasing the whole Super Tyler creature?”

“Yup. Right now he's in Korea.” George said.

“Ok ok, back on track, guys,” Odd said. “So... that means?”

“Once this whole... thing is taken care of, you get your lives back,” Jessica added.

“And besides, we need this test info for when the physician comes in a week.” George said.

“Who is this guy? Should we worry?” Jeremy asked.

“No... he's a member of the CIA and he's very good at his job. I worked with him before.” Jessica said.

“It's the other 3 I'm worried about.” Travis added.

“Other 3?” Aelita asked.

“Yeah, we're being assigned 3 new members.”

“Who are they?” Odd asked.

“A member of the British SAS who will be in charge of security, a member of the Russian FSB who will also deal with security and a new tech girl who lives right here in France.” George said.

“You mean they don’t think you guys can do the job?” Odd asked, concerned.

“This is no longer a U.S. lead investigation. The U.N. wants people looking into it as well.” George responded as he flipped through the tablet. “They should be arriving a few days after we come back from America.”

“Seeing as how Russia and the United Kingdom are the biggest backers of this team, they wanted men who can relay info to their governments. And France... Well, for all the hate they have given us, are sending some tech wiz out here to catalog all the equipment... Probably to tell them it's a threat.” Travis said as he glanced over at a confused Odd. “But don’t worry, we're still in charge.”

“That’s not fair...” Odd said. “You guys do a great job, why cant they just let you guys help us?”

“Aww, thanks, Odd.” Jessica said. “These guys aren’t all bad. I mean, it's not like there gonna come and ruin everything.”

“Still it's stupid...” Odd said as he looked towards Jeremy. “Jeremy is the only tech guy we need.”

“Actually, it would be nice to have some more time off with someone else helping with the computer besides myself and Aelita.” Jeremy said, handing Aelita a bottle of water.

“Ok, I think we're all set now.” George said as he stepped away from Aelita to get a reading from the monitors. “Aelita, I will need you to head over to the spot I showed you earlier.”

“Alright... And then I go super hero?” Aelita asked.

“Yup,” George said. He placed a hand on her shoulder and looked down at the girl. “Just relax and do your thing, and make sure to hit that target.” George said, pointing over Aelita's shoulder.

He pointed towards a large wooden board with a small sensor strapped to it to register the strength of Aelita's energy attack. The board was roughly the size of a car and even wider, with a large red target on it spray painted in the shape of a New Dawn symbol, just enough to gather a good target for Aelita.
“I'll need you to hit the target with your beam. That sensor there will measure the strength of your beam.” George said as he stepped back.

“Just wait till we get back to the desk and behind the blast shield, OK?” Jessica said.

Aelita nodded and acknowledged the instructions with a grunt.

“Think you can pull it off?” Jeremy asked.

“I think I got an idea.” Aelita said, giving a thumbs up. “It's just like that Deadliest Warrior show.”

“Just be careful, OK Princess?” Travis asked as he patted Aelita on the shoulder and made his way over to the desk which sat behind the blast shield.

All except Jeremy returned to the table. The young teen wanted to make sure Aelita was ready for this. He turned to face his girlfriend and handed her a bottle of water he brought from the table.
“Well, you ready?” Jeremy asked as Aelita opened the water.

Aelita let the water pour into her mouth as she chugged it. Even in her usual workout clothes it was still quite hot. Aelita nodded as she swallowed the water.
“You know what, when this is all over... the whole Lyoko and Mal-Tech deal...We should go on vacation.”

“Where would you like to go?” Jeremy said.

“Hawaii would be nice. I’m ready for a break from being a superhero and all the spy stuff and government agents and all.”

“Would make a nice book though, wouldn’t it?” Jeremy asked.

“I'm thinking of a TV show.” Aelita joked as she took another swig of her water.

“Odds’s all over that one.” Jeremy said as he glanced at Aelita. “You look good.”

“Come on, these are just old workout clothes.”

“Yeah, but you look good in pretty much anything,” Jeremy smiled. “Why don’t you wear one of those mid-drift tank tops? Like how Yumi wears them on her clothing.”

“I'm not used to wearing clothing that exposes my navel. It's a thing you have to get accustomed to, I guess.”

“The reason I ask is that sometimes you look like you're overheating in that thing when you run.”

“And you're in those khakis. Why not wear shorts, huh?”

“I guess... for the same reason you don’t wear a mid drift.”

Aelita smiled lightly as she looked at her boyfriend.
“Thanks Jeremy, I know you are trying to relieve the tension with the whole test thing.”

“It's what I do after all.” Jeremy said, rubbing the back of his head.

Aelita took another swig from the bottle of water as she glanced around at the site.
“How is this gonna work?” Aelita asked as she swallowed the water.

“We got cameras that will capture how you transform and what you can do, an infrared monitor that will monitor your body heat, also we will monitor your vitals throughout the process with what George gave you.” Jeremy said as he pointed at the small monitor on Aelita's wrist.

Aelita touched the small monitor on her wrist as she wiggled it a little. “I'm ready to get out of this heat and get a shower... and a nap.”

“Don't tell me it's those nightmares again...” Jeremy said.

“Not really... just... I’m not sure.” Aelita said as she took the cap off the water bottle again. “It's a different kind of dream now.”

“When are you gonna tell me about these new dreams?” Jeremy asked.

“I... It's kinda... embarrassing.” Aelita said as she blushed.

“How embarrassing?”

Aelita said nothing as she took another swig from the water bottle and clutched it to her chest.
“I don’t know if I’m ready to tell you.”

Jeremy smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. “You can tell me when you're ready... Just don’t let it get to you like the last one did.” Jeremy said. “Can I ask you one thing?”


“I don't die in this dream, do I?”

“No, no! You don't die... no one dies.” Aelita said as she breathed heavily. “All I can say is it was, uh, pleasant.”

“Then why is it so bad?” Jeremy asked.

“Because I’m not sure if I’m ready to even consider that part of my life.”

“What aspect?”

“My, uh, future and all.” Aelita said as she looked up at Jeremy.

“In that case, tell me about it when you're ready. I won't rush you.” Jeremy said.

“Okay,” Aelita said as she glanced around. “Where are the others, by the way?”

“Ulrich and Yumi had to study and William said something about training for something. They said they would drop by later.”

“What's William training for?”

Jeremy shrugged as he took the empty bottle of water from Aelita. “Are you still nervous?”

“A little,” Aelita admitted. „I have a general idea as to what I can do and all that. I just need to see what I’m capable of.”

“Like, how?” Jeremy asked in confusion.

Aelita looked up into the sky. “My parents gave everything to protect me. I want to know what it is about me that is so special, what it is I’m meant to do, and what it means for the world, for me, for the others...” Aelita quietly said as she glanced back around to Jeremy. “And for you.”

Jeremy smiled as he placed his hand on her shoulder. “No matter what happens, it won't change how I feel about you.”

Aelita smiled as she felt reassured about herself.

“Hey! We are ready, you lovebirds.” Odd shouted from the desk area.

“Good luck ,then.” Jeremy said as he turned and smiled at Aelita. “Love you.”

“Thanks. And I love you too,” Aelita said as she watched Jeremy slowly turn around and walk back towards the table.

“OK, Aelita. We're ready whenever you are!” Travis shouted.

Aelita took a deep breath. She slowly closed her eyes as she tried her best to cut her mind off from the outside world. She felt her muscles tense up, her mind focused on what she wanted to do. She felt the wind whip around her as she focused on trying to activate her powers.

Aelita felt something build up inside her. It started in the back of her mind and started to take over her body. She felt her entire body shake as she tried to activate her powers. Aelita raised her arms over her face in a cross like pattern, with her hands closed off into a fist. She felt her heart beat faster and faster as she felt her body prepare to unleash its power.
Aelita quickly threw her hands to her side as she yelled loudly. She felt all the tension unleash from her body as she continued to scream. Her eyes closed shut as she released all of her might. Yet nothing happened.
Aelita waited a few seconds before slowly opening one of her eyes to realize that nothing happened. She opened her other eye as she looked down at her hands in confusion.
“What happened?” She said to herself as she glanced around at her body.

“Was that you trying to go Super Sayian???” Odd asked from across the parking lot.

Aelita tried once more, only to have the same result.

“Hey, did you break it already?” she heard Odd again.

“No! I’m just stretching is all!” Aelita said as she blushed. She glanced over towards the table as she looked at the others who stared at her in confusion. “I'm going to do it now!”
“Hurry up, will you? I'm getting hungry!” Odd shouted.

Aelita let her hands drop to her side as she focused. Why was it she could activate her powers in Las Vegas but couldn’t activate them now?

“OK Aelita... Super powers.” Aelita said as she shook her shoulders. “Gotta use them.”
She reached down and looked at the crystal draped around her neck. When she activated her powers back in Las Vegas, the crystal was glowing brightly and pulsating. Now it looked like another crystal a girl would by at a jewelry shop.
“Um... hello?” Aelita held the crystal up to her neck. “I would, uh, like to use my powers now. Uh... Powers on!” Aelita said firmly. Nothing happened.

“Maximize!?” Aelita said loudly. “Um... It's morphing time?!”
Aelita glanced at the stone once more as she rubbed it. The whole situation was getting even more frustrating to her.

“Don't you know how to work it?” Odd asked.

“Shut up, Odd!” Aelita shouted as she glanced over at the table.

Then, the crystal glowed dimly. It caught Aelita's attention.

“What's wrong?” Travis asked as he stepped outside the blast shield. Jeremy slowly got out of his chair.

Aelita ran up to the table.
“I just don’t know how to work it!” she said hesitantly, looking up from the crystal.

“Called it!” Odd said.

“How did you activate it last time?” Travis asked.

“I got knocked off a roof and grabbed the System. Next thing I remember, it merged with me and I was wearing it.” Aelita said.

“Extreme stress, maybe?” Jeremy asked.

“Could be. Maybe it's activated at a time of distress?” Jessica suggested.

“Yeah, it has to be an emotional thing.” Odd said. „Look, certain emotions can trigger different reactions in people's minds. Stress can cause bodily harm and exhaustion can leave you openly susceptible to sickness, while happiness and excitement can help improve body's wellness.”

George stared at Odd in confusion. “Wow... you really do impress people at times.”

“I’m more then just a pretty face.” Odd winked. “Now we just need to find the trigger for Aelita.”

“Maybe a pleasant memory?” Jeremy suggested as he smiled back at her.

Aelita looked down at the crystal. She noticed that the glow in the crystal was residing. Odd must have been right, it was activated by her mental stability. A thought suddenly crossed Aelita's mind. She backed off and closed her eyes as she pictured a scenario in her head. She pictured herself and Jeremy; how they had become a strong relationship over the past few years as well as all he had done for her.
Suddenly, the crystal glowed brighter as it began to pulsate. The crystal elevated from her hands as it began to glow in multiple colors.
A lightning bolt shot to the ground where Aelita stood; the System activated its energy inside of Aelita. Her hair rippled with the force of the wind as large crystal objects began to manifest out of thin air around her and lock onto her body like pieces of armor. A large chest piece latched onto her back, while gauntlets and grieves latched on as well. A pair of crystal wings appeared on her back; they opened wide and then rested behind her, wrapped around her like a cloak, finally pulling towards her back and hardening, forming crystal like, angelic wings.
Aelita opened her eyes as she realized it worked. She had just activated the System!

George and the others slowly stood up after being startled by the lightning bolt. Travis looked out towards Aelita, who was now covered in a suit of crystal like armor. Within a few seconds she turned into a super powered being.
Aelita looked over herself to get a better glimpse of her new form. The crystal like substance that covered her body seemed similar to the crystal she had found in the Supercomputer. It felt light as a feather on her body and looked like glass. The armor had a metal shine to it, which prevented her from being able to see her body underneath. The suit looked like it was layered and patterned very similarly to plate armor she remembered seeing in her history books in class. Yet it looked like there was also more to it.
On the sides of her ribs where what looked liked small vent like structures that seemed to vent air from the outside and cooled her body. On her left arm was what seemed to be a small round disk. The disk sat slightly above her wrist and looked to be the size of a small frisbee.
Aelita looked over on her right arm to see what seemed another small round object. But instead of sitting on her arm like the disk on her left, it sat on her arm like a watch of bracelet would. The small crystal bracelet looked to be an inch thick and seemed integrated into the armor.

Aelita looked onto her back and glanced at the wings. They looked larger then the wings on her Lyoko form. The wings gave off a bright, vibrant glow. Sunlight reflected off the wings in multiple colors, giving them a prism like effect.
Aelita didn’t feel any different. The armor neither over weighed her, nor was it restricting her movements as she rotated around to get a better look at her new outfit.
She looked up; the others slowly walked over to her. She noticed astonishment on their faces as they looked her over from head to toe. Travis approached her first. He carried a small Geiger counter to measure the radiation level. He continued to look at Aelita as if he was waiting for someone to tell him it was all a Hollywood stunt and not real life.
When the initial shock was over, he flipped the Geiger counter the on. He ran it up and down her body, taking note of the different readings that he was receiving.
„As far as radiation goes, there’s nothing.” he concluded. “It's practically at background level.”
He encouraged the others to approach Aelita.

Jessica walked up and took a close look at the wings. “It's... amazing,” she remarked. “It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“Honestly, no. But it is a real rush when I activate the powers.” Aelita said as she watched Odd poke her shoulder blade. “Will you stop that?”

“I can't help it. The armor looks solid, but it feels more like warm water.” Odd said.

George held his hand up to his chin. “Where did the lighting come from anyway? It's a clear day.
Could she create the lightning bolt when she changed?”

“I think I might have an idea.” Jeremy said, gathering the others' attention. “In order to create something like this, Aelita would need more then just the energy she has in her body. To create this suit of armor, it must somehow pull all the ambient energy to her. It's being pulled at such a rapid succession that it formed the lightning bolt.”

“But... I thought the System creates energy. Why would it draw in ambient energy?” Travis asked.

“It's possible that the ambient energy it absorbs helps to stabilize it. Kinda like positive and negative energies.” Jeremy said as he looked at Aelita as well. “It's possible that the energy the System has doesn’t have a polarity. Instead it uses the ambient energy from the outside to polarize. Or maybe even the System doesn’t use the energy it creates to materialize the suit. It could keep that energy inside and use the ambient energy to manifest the armor.”

“So in essence, Aelita is a walking battery?” Travis asked. “And what we just saw was a very radical way of her being turned on?”

“A battery that flies and shoots lasers.” Jessica added. She looked up from Aelita's wings and towards Jeremy. “How much energy do you think she can draw in?”

“Hard to say. She could either draw in a small amount when she uses it, or she could draw in an unlimited supply.” Jeremy said.

“That’s scary.” Jessica replied.

“I guess we know now why Mal-Tech searches for me,” Aelita said as she twisted her neck around. “What's next?”

“We will check your vitals and make sure nothing's wrong with you,” George said as he pulled out the tablet that was connected to the computers. “Your blood pressure seems normal. Heart rate is around 50 beats per minute. Weird.”

“What do you mean?” Travis asked.

“Her pulse seems to be slower than when I did a baseline reading of her vitals. It was well above 75 bpm,” George said as he checked another reading. “In fact, respiration rate is a bit slower, too. As far as I know, such readings are physiologically present while deeply asleep.”

“Perhaps the System puts her in a calm, relaxed state? Like meditation?” Jessica suggested.

George nodded in agreement as he placed the tablet on the ground.

“Shall we measure the intensity of her laser beam now?” Odd asked.

“Yes.” George said as he pointed towards a target that Aelita was supposed to hit.

Aelita smiled as she watched the others head back to safety behind the blast shield. She glanced back at the target and looked square at it. She quickly got into a battle stance and held her fists to her side. She focused the same thoughts and feelings that she used earlier to activate her Savior form; now she visualized shooting the same laser she used earlier. A sensation flowed from her body and into her right hand. She looked down to see a bright blue and white glow emanating from the palm of her hand. It almost reminded her of her energy fields on Lyoko. She felt her body vibrate as a large laser beam fired. The beam was bright blue with a white center.

The beam flew from her hand and hit the target. The large target glowed red the longer the beam stayed in contact with it. Finally, after a few seconds the target exploded into a cloud of dust and splinters as the beam subsided and disappeared.
Everyone watched as the smoke finally cleared, revealing the destroyed target that once sat at the far end of the parking lot. The wooden plank was gone, leaving only splintered remains off the board. What intact pieces remained sat on the ground, burning slowly.

“Holy shit!” Travis exclaimed as Odd poked out from behind him. Travis turned to George who was also in shock. “Did you get a reading off that?”

George looked down at the tablet and swiped over.
“All her vitals are normal, there was no change during the firing process.” George said. He then quickly looked at the second laptop and stared at the readings from the sensor. “This is... insane.”

“What?” Jessica asked as she glanced over his shoulder and looked at the reading that was on the screen.

“The sensor was destroyed, but before it went offline it sent a reading that the beam went from 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 10,830 degrees Fahrenheit or 6,000 Celsius in a matter of seconds as the beam intensified.” George said as he turned to face the others.

“So in essence, Aelita is human Godzilla?” Odd asked.

“Actually, that would be a good analogy for this. She must be able to emit the energy she stores up in her Savior form and discharge it similarly to how an electric eel would discharge electricity it has stored up.” Jeremy suggested.

“If she hit a human with that beam, she could vaporize them.” Jessica said.

“Yeah. Unless she was capable of controlling the amount of energy she could put into that beam.” Travis suggested.

Aelita looked over at the remains of the target in shock and awe, it was scary that she was capable of creating so much destruction and carnage in only a second.
“That was at full power.” she noted.
She quickly calmed down as she focused on the pleasant memories and feelings again. She felt her body shake as her Savior powers faded into a a burst of light. Leaving a sweaty Aelita in her gym tank top and spandex pants. She walked over to the table and plopped down in the chair.

“Why did you power down?” George asked.

“It's like Lyoko. I can use my powers the same way. Unfortunately, it's just as exhausting,” she explained.
She was worn out, but happy. She finally had an idea how to control her Savior powers!

“That’s weird. Who would have thought that Lyoko was like training wheels for you?” Odd noted.

“That is a weird coincidence,” Travis said. “Think your father had an idea?”

“Honestly, my father was on a whole new level of logic. I don’t know what to think anymore,” Aelita said as she took a vanilla envelope and began fanning her face to cool down. “According to the rest of his journal, he calculated all of this. I think he had an idea as to what would happen... And disguised it as a video game.”

“How do you control your powers on Lyoko?” Jessica asked.

“You focus on what you want to do and go with it.” Odd said. “I focus on firing a laser arrow out of my wrist and it happens.”

“Looks like the only thing different is turning the Savior powers on and off.” Jeremy said as he handed Aelita a bottle of water.

“But I'm pretty sure I got that down too.” Aelita said. “There’s still a lot to learn but I can figure it out after summer break when school's out.”

“Speaking of which, are you guys staying or going home?” Travis asked.

“I live in another part of the country, Ulrich lives in another part of the city...” Odd noted as he held up his hand and counted off. “And William, Yumi and Sissi are gonna stay here.”

”As for Aelita and me, we're gonna bounce back and forth between my place and the dorms.” Jeremy said. He slowly turned and looked at the agents in confusion. “Why do you ask?”

“We might need you guys to stay here during your summer break,” George said.

“WHAT!? I was gonna go to the beach!” Odd said.

“Sorry Odd, but this is an investigation and we need to finish it up before its too late.” Travis said.

“The sooner we wrap up this investigation, the sooner we can get on with our lives” Jessica said.

“Don’t sweat Odd...We can still go to the beach and all that,” George said.

“But...But....” Odd said as he slowly turned and looked towards Jeremy. “Are you guys OK with this?”

“I’m all for it and so was William, Yumi and Ulrich.” Jeremy said as he listened in on the conversation.

Travis slowly stood up and walked over towards Odd. He calmly placed his hand on Odds shoulder as he looked the young blonde square in the eye.
“Odd..Sometimes you need to make the hard sacrifices that a hero makes. To protect others, and those who are important to you.”

Jeremy slowly looked towards Aelita who wiped the sweat from her forehead as she panted.

“To protect those who are important to you?” Jeremy whispered as he looked at Aelita.

“To sacrifice...”
Chapter 9 Black Night Sky
Wow its been a while hasnt it. where do i begin to explain to....WAY to long absense?

first off i got a new job back in august and it was a open struggle trying to keep it.  and then i lost it because boss and supervisor where dicks end of story on that.
then i got a new job in january which is much more demanding and controlling.  i work 12 hours a day at a factory....yup
then i got bronchitis and was in the hospital for a week.
then i went through a dark deep depresion.
then had to fight to keep my lights and apartment
then got a second job to pay the bills.
so in essence this is long over due.

But enough of that....its just good to be back

thanks to :iconmemoire-blanche: for being a awesome and understanding beta.  

the chapter shows a small precent of Aelita's powers and what she is.  the reason for the flash back was to set up what she is capable of in the near future.

Also....a reveal of estrada.

Review....just review it please???

Part 2 here…
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8:00 pm cst

Im back
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: Back In Black
  • Watching: Man Of Steel
  • Playing: Wii u
  • Eating: Salads
  • Drinking: Gatorade (Because Water sucks)


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